Wednesday, August 18, 2004

How does this work??

Hi, I'm Michigal, one of the owners of Peacock Cards. This is my first attempt at blogs, and I honestly have no clue what I'm doing right now! I guess in time I'll see how this whole blog thing works out, but for now..i'm sooooo lost!
One reading this (if anyone out there is?) might ask, what is Peacock Cards? Well,
it's a free ecard site, , and we have a lot of ecards that are flash, animated, and standard, also wallpapers and screensavers and monthly desktop calendars. You know how so many sites now either have a zillion popups when you enter, or, they want you to be a paying member to send the ecards? Well...blecchhhh..we didn't like that! So, we started out own ecard site, with NO popups and NO memberships! It's been a LOT of work, but most of the time fun, if you can call falling asleep at your computer fun! haha
It is tempting at times to put a popup...just one, because we don't get any votes! And, because we don't get any votes, we're wayyyy down on the lists, so nobody finds us. Sort of a vicious cycle I guess you could say. You know how so many sites, when you enter say "Vote for this site"? They are the ones who get the votes, yet, they are also the ones with a zillion popups most times. please, if you visit our site, vote vote vote ok please?
On to other stuff...
We have expanded. We still have the ecards, it's still our main priority, bringing ecards, quality ecards, to people who visit our site. We actually read, and respond, to all our emails every day, unless we are on vacation and can't. (not that we get much We hope everyone who visits our site enjoys it, and that you send lots of ecards to family and friends. I know it brightens my day to receive an ecard, because, it let's me know that someone cared enough to bother to pick it out, write it out, and send it to me! ooh yea..back to the "We have expanded" comment. We have! We now sell personalized and every day items like mugs, tile boxes, tote bags, T-shirts, wall clocks, and so so much more. We have a lot of nice stuff you should take a look around! purpose is not to promote selling anything. More, it's just to familiarize you with what Peacock Cards is, and also, to try to figure out what this blogging is all about. I really have no clue once I press publish who if anyone will see this blog, unless we eventually link to it from our main page, which who knows, may or may not happen! ecards, family friendly site, owned by myself, and the silly one of the partnership, Ride, who by the way is a fantastic photographer! Check out his gallery at His nature photos are so beautiful, and I honestly don't know how he manages to get some of the animal photos because he doesn't just walk into a zoo to take them, he takes them in their own natural environment. Cool huh?

Til next time..if there is one...signing off..adios!