Saturday, March 12, 2005

Some new stuff

I think we are getting our St. Pat's Day storm this week, at least I hope that's the reason for all the snow the past several days. I mean, if it's not a St. Pat's Day storm that could mean we'll get another one next week and we really don't need more snow again. It's a whopping high 11 degrees here right now...not exactly the kind of weather that puts one in the spring mode. Soon it will be Easter, and I really hope along with it comes some nice warm days filled with sunshine. I've been busy with the store as always, adding graduation 2005 Tshirts, mugs, and the like, as well as adding some other items like the geek shirts and stuff! You can see all the geeky and nerdy designs I've come up with by clicking on the link below. I'll be sending out the newsletter soon so if you haven't yet signed up for our newsletter, please do! You get special savings that only the newsletter subscribers can get. Until next time I hop on here and say a few words, take care, be well, and have a good St. Pat's Day. I hope yours will be green and not white like mine!