Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Things to Consider

I have officially decided that I'm perhaps the world's worst blogger. I mean, look at this blog, I haven't contributed to it in months! I'm absolutely pushing myself right now to write this, and because of that I'm sure it's not going to come across as very interesting or creative. Maybe I need to start reading blogs and get some ideas what others write about. I compare my less than enthusiastic blogging abilities to that of writing letters. Words don't come easy for me, at least not creative ones. Perhaps I'm too methodical, precise, practical, and therefore just want to say whatever it is I want to say and be done with it. Nevermind it's boring for the reader. Oh well...it is me and I'm probably not going to change now.
ok...five minutes has passed.
I sit here staring at this like a writer with writers block would do. Which reminds me, I think I know how that feels. I was trying to think of the name of the country my daughter's mother-in-law is going to visit this spring, and even though I should have known it, it just wouldn't come to me. I sat there mentally going through the alphabet thinking of every country that starts with every letter for nearly an hour. My mind was totally blank. ha! If that's what writer's block feels like I can really sympathize!
Ok, nothing exciting to say and so I'll just once again tell you about my site and my stores. Yes, stores as in plural. I now have three of them and it's no wonder I can't come up with anything creative because most of my waking moments and yes, many of my dreams as well are spent on my Cafe Press store. I never would have believed I could be earning the amount of money I am earning from having a Cafe Press store. I also highly recommend it to anyone who loves to earn money by playing on their computer all day! Seriously, it's much easier than you might think. Easy, yes...time consuming, yes, that is...if you want to be successful at it. You don't just slap any ole design on a T-shirt and expect people from all over the world to flock to your site and buy it. No, you have to start with a good, quality design. Then you spend a good amount of time setting up your store, uploading your image, writing tags with keywords for that image, setting your price, etc. Ok, great, now it's up in your store. If you are lucky somehow, someone will find it on their own. Most times though in order to get visitors to your site you need to spend time tweaking keywords and meta tags and descriptions and promote, promote, promote it! All combined, it can be time consuming, but the rewards can be great. Working from home, setting your own hours, doing something you love (I swear, it is fun and addicting!) is like a dream come true.
I mentioned I have more than one store. I mostly focus here about my main store, Peacock Cards. I am happy to announce that I've recently opened a new store, Toddler's Place. I admit to loving designing the kids and baby items the most, and so I guess it was only natural that eventually I would have so many designs it would warrant me opening yet another store. Toddler's Place is unique in that I not only have my own products, but I have put up many products of other Cafe Press shopkeepers as well. Looking for a Little Sister T-shirt for the new baby? Not only can you find all of my designs at Toddler's Place, but you can find designs from other artists as well. What's great about it is that you can fill your shopping cart with items from as many of these stores as you want, and it's all added to the same shopping cart so you only pay one shipping cost! I have searched friends shops and the Cafe Press marketplace to try to add only the best of the best designs. Toddler's Place has baby, toddler, and kids T-shirts, bibs, creepers, tote bags, baseball jerseys, sweatshirts,hoodies, as well as some room decor items and keepsake gifts. As with Peacock Cards, Toddler's Place items can be personalized for free, and we have shirts and other items for holidays and occasions too. I hope you'll take a peek at it and find something you like.