Saturday, November 05, 2011

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fresh Veggies From The Garden

Today I picked some veggies from my garden. A couple of carrots, a lot of green and wax (yellow) beans, some onions, and a few ripe red tomatoes! I have four raised garden planter boxes in my backyard, all filled with organic potting soil. I don't use any chemicals of any kind in my gardens as I want the food to be healthy and organic. My grandkids planted one of the raised beds this spring and one of the veggies they planted was eggplant. Never having grown eggplant I wondered if it would grow. Well, it certainly has! One eggplant is ready to be plucked from the vine and several smaller ones are on their way to becoming dinner.

With so many people aware these days of chemical additives to our food, I think it's becoming more commonplace for people to check labels and try to buy at least some of their food organically grown or raised. I noticed many companies have stepped up to the plate, one being Frito Lay, now offering potato chips without MSG. Another company is Oscar Mayer. I was happy and surprised to see they now haven some hot dogs without MSG, nitrates, or nitrites, no artificial flavors or coloring, fully cooked, not preserved! As a young girl my daughter would get a horrible headache every time she ate hot dogs. We believe it to be from the MSG additive.
Veggies grown organically are one of the best foods we can eat. Full of vitamins and minerals they are a staple for our diets. Although not a vegetarian or vegan myself, I have a niece who is as well as a very good friend. If you are going to be a vegetarian it seems to me that buying organic veggies would be the best route, or of course growing them organically yourself.
Kids often times don't like vegetables, but I have found that children who will try even a bit at a time of a new veggie will begin to like it after about four or so tries. Haven't we all outgrown some of our repulsions to certain food items? My own grandkids are not crazy about every vegetable out there, but they will try a bit and over time they have come to like some of the ones they first didn't enjoy eating. Having a garden helps a bit as they love to come pick the fresh carrots and eat the garden lettuce and beans. I can't wait to see how they like their eggplant!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Birthday Invitations For Kids!

I've spent a lot of time the past few days making kids birthday invitations. Birthdays come only once a year, and for children they are a big, BIG deal! I have kids, I have grandkids, and I know from experience how many times throughout the year a child asks "Is it getting close to my birthday?"! Parents often spend a lot of time and a lot of money to make their child's day special. Up until now, we've had a lot of birthday items at our Kids Birthday Store, but not a lot of quality design kids birthday invitations. I'm loving creating them and had to share the ones I've already created with you.
Whether your child is having a princess theme birthday party, a tea party birthday, farm birthday, monster birthday bash, outer space theme birthday, birthday spa party, pirate party, camping theme party, or a pool party, we have you covered with some of the cutest, most colorful invitations out there. And what's even better, they are all fully customizable! You can easily change the text on these kids birthday invites with your child's name and party information before ordering.
Also remember to check out Zazzle Black, a new program that Zazzle just came out with that will make all your purchases for the entire year so affordable because one low price gives you FREE shipping for an entire year on unlimited orders! How great is that in these tough times?!
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