Saturday, September 14, 2013

Funny T-shirts, Good For a Giggle Or Two!

I was just browsing around the Zazzle marketplace and came upon some T-shirts that made me LOL (laugh out loud!). I love the creativity of some of these shirts, the innuendos, the hidden meaning, the nostalgia, the bizarreness! (is bizarreness a word?)
I cannot take credit for any of these. I design mostly with kids and families in mind, occasions, holidays, perhaps I have a few rather funny kid designs, but when it comes to adults and funny slogans and sayings in general my mind draws a blank. But...that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a good laugh and I don't know where to go to find the funniest T-shirts out there! And so, enjoy these as much as I did, and if you can relate to any of these you might want to consider wearing it, or getting one as a gift with the holidays not so far into the future. And if you don't like any of these, continue browsing  the Zazzle marketplace because you're sure to find the funniest T-shirt ever!

I think this running T-shirt is the shirt for me!
I think everyone can relate to this one!
Hump Day Camel T Shirts
Hump Day Camel T Shirts by coolteeshirts
Find more Hump T-Shirts at Zazzle
I Pooped Today Shirt
I Pooped Today Shirt by CyKosis
Make your t shirt custom from
Engeneer Tshirt
Engeneer Tshirt by nautee
Check out other Engineer T-Shirts at
My personal favorite! With all the shirts, posters, etc. out there now with the "Keep Calm" designs, I love the spin this one puts on it!
Freak Out & Run Around Tees
Freak Out & Run Around Tees by carryon
Check out other Spoof T-Shirts at
Mortgage Dew Distressed Tee
Mortgage Dew Distressed Tee by proudzazzle
Find other Mortgage dew T-Shirts at
Maxine You Were Right Tee Shirts
Maxine You Were Right Tee Shirts by hallmarkmaxine
Browse additional t-shirts at
Talk nerdy to me tee shirt
Talk nerdy to me tee shirt by cky128
Look at Young T-Shirts online at

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gorgeous Customized Wedding Invitations

I have spent ample time this week pinning beautiful wedding invitations to my Wedding Invitations Pinterest board.  There are some awesome designers and artists on Zazzle that have created some gorgeous wedding invitations. I now have well over 500 invitations posted to that board.
These wedding invitations are easy to customize with photos and all your wedding information. Whether you are having a big, classy wedding or an intimate wedding with just a few friends and family members under the apple tree in the back yard, beach wedding, or Vegas wedding, there's a perfect invitation for you! If you love the new chalkboard look there are a lot of those posted to my board, or if you like the modern look, the gothic look, vintage wedding invitations or retro ones, you'll find those too on my Wedding Invitations board.
With all the beautiful wedding invitatons to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose the right invitations for your wedding. I hope that my Pinterest board helps you find what you are looking for. Over 500 wedding invitations in one place, hand selected, and in my opinion the very best out there!
Here's a small sample of the beautiful wedding invitations you'll find on my Wedding Invitations board.
Vintage Birds Honeysuckle Pink Wedding Invite
Vintage Birds Honeysuckle Pink Wedding Invite by samack
Browse more Vintage birds Invitations at Zazzle
Elegant Peacock Wedding Invitation
Elegant Peacock Wedding Invitation by origamiprints
Look at Peacock Invitations online at
Mod Mehandi Wedding Invitation
Mod Mehandi Wedding Invitation by origamiprints
Check out other Wedding Invitations at
Rustic Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitations
Rustic Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitations by weddingtrendy
Browse Chalkboard wedding Invitations online at
Contemporary Wedding Invitation - Khaki
Contemporary Wedding Invitation - Khaki by berryberrysweet
View other Contemporary wedding Invitations at
Starfish, Shell, Sand Beach Summer Wedding Invites
Starfish, Shell, Sand Beach Summer Wedding Invites by BridalHeaven
Look at other Wedding on the beach Invitations at

Monday, September 09, 2013

Oh How I Love Stick Figures

Do you find yourself drawn to stick figures? I know I am! It all started when I was a child, perhaps because stick figures were one of the easiest forms of drawing characters, people, dogs, horses! A head, a stick body, arms, legs, hands, feet, and eyes, nose, and mouth and you basically had a person or animal!
If like me you love stick figures, check out some of the stick figure items in our Stick Figure Shop! Here's an easy link to my stick figure store.

Stick figure T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, cards, stickers, key chains, magnets, mousepads, luggage tags,ornaments, iPhone cases, travel mugs, buttons, hoodies, hats, ties, notebooks, wall clocks, coasters, posters, and lots of other stick figure design products! Some of the stick figure designs include angels, ballerinas, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, baseball, family members, nurse, doctor, firefighter, police officer, chef, real estate agent! We have karate stick figures, hunting stick figures, astronaut stick figures, cowboy and cowgirl stick figures, awareness stick figures, animal stick figures, even coffee bean and peanut stick figures. We also have various stick figure hobbies designs including gardening, sewing, reading, playing cards, web surfing, poker playing, knitting, painting, bingo, cooking, singing, and more! 
These stick figures have been so popular I keep getting emails from people wanting to know if I have them available on another product they can't find it on, or they want to customize by having several different ones on a T-shirt or hat or mug to give as a gift. Many people have commented that these are the cutest stick figures they have ever seen and I have to agree, they are adorable!  
Whether you are the head nurse at a major hospital looking for customized stick figure nurse buttons for the entire nursing staff such as these:

Personalized African American Nurse Button
Personalized African American Nurse Button by stick_figures
Find other African american Buttons at

Or perhaps all the girls on the cheerleading squad are looking for cute tote bags!
Go Team Cheerleader Tote Bag
Go Team Cheerleader Tote Bag by stick_figures
Find other Cheerleading Bags at
Maybe you are looking for a special item that depicts your family.
Customized Stick Family One Mousepad
Customized Stick Family One Mousepad by stick_figures
Check out other mouse pads for computers online at Zazzle.
Looking for a great gift for Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, whatever you call your grandparents?
Boy and Grandparents Customizable Mousepad
Boy and Grandparents Customizable Mousepad by stick_figures
Find more Family Mousepads at Zazzle
I'm sure you've seen those cute stick figure return address labels. Well, this is where you can find them! Many to choose from but if you can't find the specific people you need, email us and we'll put it together for you and send you a link!
Customizable Family With Dog Address Labels
Customizable Family With Dog Address Labels by stick_figures
See other Customized Labels

So many stick figure products and designs to choose from, and you can customize them yourself by clicking on the Customize button, or many have easy templates that make customizing even simpler. If you need help you can email us or send us a message through the Zazzle store contact link.
Whether it's customized stick figure candy tin wedding favors...
Stick Figures Just Married Tins and Jars w. Candy Jelly Belly Tins
Stick Figures Just Married Tins and Jars w. Candy Jelly Belly Tins by stick_figures
Browse Wedding Candy Tins online at

or whether it's magnets to announce your new arrival...
Customizable Brand New Baby Button
Customizable Brand New Baby Button by stick_figures
View other New baby Buttons at

we have you covered! Stick figures for everyone, and cute ones at that! 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween isn't really that far off anymore and now is the time to start thinking about costumes, Halloween parties, crafts you plan to make for Halloween such as a new fall wreath for the door, and it's also time to start planning how you'll carve your pumpkin! Pinterest is a great place to get about a zillion ideas for Halloween whether looking for a yummy treat, decorations for a scary party, costume ideas, decorating ideas, and well.. it's also a great place to find tons of colorful, fun, scary, cool, awesome Halloween party invitations all in one place!
I have spent a fair amount of time selecting my very favorite Halloween party invitations from various Zazzle designers and put them all in one place, a Halloween Party Invitations board on Pinterest. It's easy to click on the ones you like and order immediately by customizing the easy template Halloween invitations, or you can pin it to your own board and find it easily later. I also have a general Halloween Stuff board too which has gathered a lot of followers because well, I have some pretty cool stuff pinned to it!
Check out all my boards and FOLLOW ME on Pinterest and especially my Halloween Party Invitations board if you are looking for awesome Halloween party invites!
Halloween is such a fun time of year, and so many people enjoy having a Halloween party whether it's a big Halloween bash with a haunted house, costume contest, and lots of food or just a small get together with a few close friends having cocktails or carving pumpkins. Kids love Halloween parties and I am reminded of the Halloween parties we had when my children were little. Food, games, bobbing for apples...ah such fun and so many wonderful memories.
Here's a small selection of the Halloween party invitations you can find on my board at Pinterest!
Zombie Halloween Party Invitations
Zombie Halloween Party Invitations by cooltees
Check out more Zombie Invitations at Zazzle
Halloween Invite - Scary Cat in Graveyard
Halloween Invite - Scary Cat in Graveyard by juliea2010
Check out more Cat Invitations at Zazzle