Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter T-shirts for Kids and Adults

Easter will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to the arrival of spring along with it. The winter has been much too long with too much snow, and I'm ready to take long walks in the fresh air and sunshine, see the beauty of the first buds on the trees, the tender flowers unfolding from the frozen earth. I love to open windows in the spring and let the air inside. It seems to bring new life to the house and to me.
My grandson is looking forward to Easter, and as he does with all holidays he's busy making Easter decorations. So far he's helped to make an Easter tree and has made numerous eggs from colored foam for the refrigerator and an Easter house which was a craft kit for kids from Michaels. He looks forward to the Easter bunny bringing him goodies and especially to finding the plastic eggs the bunny hides around the house. His baby sister who is getting close to two years old now hasn't got a clue what Easter is, but once it arrives I'm sure she'll find it delightful as well.
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Here's a cute Easter T-shirt that has become one of our most popular over the years. I assume in part it's because it can be worn all year, and the bunny is just so cute!

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