Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kids Birthday Themed Plates

Recently Zazzle introduced paper plates. I have been spending a lot of time this past week designing paper plates that match many of my kids birthday T-shirts, birthday invitations, birthday buttons, postage stamps, dipped Oreos, etc. to my Kids Birthdays Store! To see just my birthday paper plates and napkins section of the store click here!
The paper plates come in two sizes, 7 inch diameter and 9 inch diameter. I'd say the larger plates are great for the party food such as pizza and sloppy joes with chips and veggies and dip. The smaller 7 inch diameter size seems to be a great size for the birthday cake and ice cream or other dessert.
I am really just still at the beginning of a very long stretch ahead of adding birthday paper plates and then of course, more of the napkins because I'd like to eventually have all the matching items people want for birthday celebrations for their children including the T-shirts and bodysuits, bibs, bags, birthday buttons, birthday party invites, napkins, and the paper plates. Slowly but surely I am adding and feel right now that I have a rather good selection but as I said, I have a lot of work ahead of me adding more. In the meantime, if you see a shirt design you like but not the paper plates or napkins, let me know and I'll try to add it for you. Same for the invitations...see an invite you want but not the matching plate? Email me and I'll try to add it for you!
When designing my kids birthday paper plates I keep in mind that it's a fun, happy time, so the colors are vibrant, the designs fun, lots of decorative edging to the plates whether chevron stripes, polka dots, gingham checks, vertical stripes, checkered flag print, geometric pattern, or stars! I have added many different themes and most of them are for kids from first birthday to 5th birthday, although it depends as many are up to 7th birthday and some, such as bowling birthday goes up to the 10th birthday!
Some of the birthday themes include circus birthday, puppy dog birthday, princess birthday, ocean and under the sea birthday, racing car birthday, bowling birthday, swinging monkeys and barrel of monkeys birthday, mermaid, octopus, robot, lucky ladybug, owls, frogs, teddy bears, farm birthday, space ship, train birthday, lions, pigs, baseball birthday, cows, fairy princess, little angel, elephants, penguins, construction vehicles, super heroes, lucky dog, magic, kittens, cowboy and cowgirl birthday,  rock star girl, safari, mad scientist, fiesta, slumber party, bounce house, spa party, and more to come!
The birthday paper plates are made in the USA and  are FDA approved for food contact and safety, sold in sets of 8!
Check out some of the paper plates I have added this week and some of the matching items we already have in our Kids Birthday Store, and again, if you see a design you like but not the matching item you want, email me and I will do my best to add it for you!

Some of our paper plates such as these cute dog lover plates have an area you can customize with a thank you message to your guests for attending the party, or other text of your choice. Many of our plates have an area you can add your child's name and age as well!
Mermaid Customizable Birthday T-shirt
Mermaid Customizable Birthday T-shirt by kids_birthdays
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Choo Choo Train 1st Birthday Bib
Choo Choo Train 1st Birthday Bib by kids_birthdays
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Blond Princess 2nd Birthday Tshirts and Gifts Sticker
Blond Princess 2nd Birthday Tshirts and Gifts Sticker by kids_birthdays
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And although all birthdays are special, the very first birthday is especially special because it's the very first one! So with this in mind, I have created some extra first birthday plates that I hope you will agree are perfect for baby's first birthday celebration whether it's a party of eight or 100!