Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer Birthday Party Invitations

Summer's not over yet! And in many parts of the country, summer extends well into autumn, well at least the warm temperatures and beach like weather do! For me here in Michigan's UP,  summer turns into autumn quite quickly, but if you live in the southern states or even south in Michigan, the warm temperatures can continue for some time.
That said...
I have created a lot of kids birthday invitations that are summer related. Whether your child's birthday party is going to be a backyard barbeque, a pool party at grandma's house, a party in the park, or a weekend camping birthday or overnight slumber party in the backyard, we have the invitation that will suit your celebration!
Colorful, fun, cheery, beautifully printed by Zazzle, these kids birthday party invitations are sure to get a lot of oohs and aahs from all the guests. They are easy to customize with all of your child's birthday party specifics!
Check out the cute pool party birthday invites,  beach birthday party invitations, party in the park invites, summer birthday barbeque invitations, and more!

Here's a link to our summer birthday party invitations collection!
And here's a collection of summer beach and pool party invites!
And if the summer birthday party is a sleepover, or camping in the yard, check out this collection of kids birthday invites!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Baby First Birthday Bibs

What can be something to cherish celebrating more than your baby's very first birthday? It is such a milestone, that first year of so many firsts. First smile. First laugh. First time rolling over. First time crawling. For some, first steps, even first words. It's not only an important day and milestone for baby, but for baby's parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members and friends. Nothing warms the heart like a baby's smile. Celebrating her first birthday can be a very quiet dinner with just mom and dad, or a big celebration with every family member, lots of balloons, and a huge cake. It can be anything in between. Regardless of which way you decide to celebrate that first birthday for your son or daughter, these first birthday bibs are perfect attire for the day! And of course, there's no reason not to wear them the entire first year!
Many of these first birthday bibs are themed, so if you have a farm theme birthday, an outer space theme, frog theme, circus or clown theme, train theme, monkey theme, or princess theme birthday party we've got you covered. There's bibs you can customize easily with their name, bibs that simply say It's My First Birthday, even bibs for twins!
I hope you will find a first birthday bib here that you feel is worthy of your baby's special day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Children's Farm Theme Birthday

The Upper Peninsula state fair is going on this week and it made me think about some of the things I like best at the fair. There's the food, of course. There's rides, there's entertainment, there's vendors and booths and entries of home grown vegetables, stamp collections, artwork, knitting, sewing, you name it! But one of my favorite things about the fair is seeing the animals. The cows, the pigs, the chickens and rabbits, they are all there, quacking, mooing, grunting, and hopefully enjoying the attention they are getting. Kids seem to love the farm animals, and at a very early age most begin to imitate their sounds, even before uttering real words. Kids who love cows, horses, ducks, pigs, roosters, and sheep will love a farm themed birthday celebration!
At Peacock Cards, we have plenty of farm theme birthday invitations, T-shirts, buttons, paper plates, napkins, stickers, bodysuits, and more with the farm animals they love.
Check out these cute farm theme items that are perfect for the farm theme birthday celebration!
Need another product with a design you see but can't find the product? Let me know by emailing me at darla723 I'd be happy to try to create what you need!
Wondering if what you like is on sale? It's easy to see all the current sales at Zazzle by clicking on the Coupon's link on the right side of my blog!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Peacock Cards: Milestone Birthdays

Peacock Cards: Milestone Birthdays: It was recently my birthday. I turned 61. I'm not one of those people who tries to hide how old they are.  It made me think about turnin...

Monday, August 13, 2018

Milestone Birthdays

It was recently my birthday. I turned 61. I'm not one of those people who tries to hide how old they are.  It made me think about turning 60 last year, and how we seem in general to consider 21, 30,40, 50, 60, 70, etc. milestone birthdays. In reality they are all milestone birthdays. Birthdays mark another year gone by, another year we survived all the things life has thrown at us whether a financial problem, an illness, a divorce, family worries, accidents, etc. But it also marks a year of the good things...good friends, wonderful family, vacations, fun evenings around a campfire making s'mores, the sound of your children's laughter, your grandsons baseball game. So although every year should be considered a milestone in our life, most of us refer to the milestone birthdays as those ending in a zero. Except for 21!
I have loved designing birthday invitations for kids. It led me to making a lot of birthday invitations for adults as well. At Peacock Cards we not only have birthday invitations but also milestone birthday mugs, T-shirts, bags, buttons, and other items. What fun it is to don a 60th birthday T-shirt the entire day of your birthday. In actuality you can wear it the entire year! Or how about a 40th birthday mug for that special person turning forty this year? Birthdays are a time to reflect, to celebrate, to kick back and have fun, to show that birthday boy or girl of any age you think they are the best!
Check out some of my milestone birthday collections!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Teacher and School T-shirts

I can barely believe that summer is drawing to an end! One can only hope for a nice long autumn. Autumn can be a beautiful time of year here in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Because of a large amount of maples, oaks, birch,and elm, as well as evergreens, the variations in the colors of the trees is amazing. I especially love the bright reds, and there are years they are plentiful, and many years sadly, that they are almost non existent. I just saw a few posts from people on my personal Facebook page with photos of the leaves already turning to orange, gold, and even some red! But it's too early!

My daughter who is a third grade teacher is now busy in her classroom or at home doing school related things. It's a busy time of year for teachers! I hope they can all somehow have a wonderful school year, both students and teachers! I know school has already started in many places, for my area however, school starts the day after Labor Day. Still that is drawing near! Where is summer going?

I like to pass along some of my teacher T-shirts, bags, and other teacher related gift items this time of year. Whether it's your first year teaching or the 25th, whether you teach kindergarten, fifth grade, or high school, and whether you need a T-shirt, mug, or bag, we have you covered at Peacock Cards!
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Shop my TEACHER STORE on Zazzle! 

Enjoy your school year!

Check out these fun, colorful, and very handy teacher tote bags! 
Here's some great T-shirts for teachers!
These classroom posters have been very popular over the years! I'd love to see the classrooms that each one purchased resides in!
Inspirational quotes mugs that are perfect teacher gifts!
And some other cute and handy teacher gifts!