Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I'd like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween! I hope your little ghosts and goblins have a great time at all the Halloween parties and while trick or treating. I'm spending my day filling cute little cellophane ghost and witch bags with my Haloween treats, all of which I am happy to say are peanut and nut free. As a grandma of a beautiful five year old with a severe peanut allergy I am very persistent about making sure that the candy I pass out to trick or treaters is safe for kids with peanut and nut allergies. Here's a photo of my Halloween treats which include Junior Mints, Scooby Doo fun fruits, Twizzlers licorice, Tootsie Pops, Disney Halloween mix, and Skittles.

The night seemed to slip away from me last night and the pumpkins never got carved, but that's on my agenda for today as well so they will sit smiling on my deck this evening when the little witches and ghouls arrive.

On the front lawn is a huge smiling jack-o-lantern blowup that lights up at night and a purple spider web on the porch rail with a big black spider. A black cat, scarecrow, and gourds adorn the walkway and a fiber optic color changing ghost sits on a table on the porch. The oak leaves scattered on the lawn make it known that it's late autumn and snow will be arriving shortly. But for today, I will enjoy autumn and all it's splendor...the orange pumpkins, golden leaves strewn about, the crisp fresh air, and the Halloween atmosphere that abounds.

You can send your friends and loved ones a free Halloween ecard with no popups from our ecard site at Peacock Cards. From me to you and your families, stay safe and have a very happy Halloween 2009!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ho Ho Gobble Gobble It's Halloween!

Oh my!
It's that time of year once again when you're not sure which holiday to shop for or celebrate! Tomorrow is Halloween and for the past couple of weeks I've noticed that everyone seems to be unsure which holiday to be celebrating. I see houses that have both inflatable pumpkins and ghosts mixed in with their Christmas holiday lights. I see scarecrows standing side by side with snowmen and in the stores you can shop for your Halloween costumes, turkey platters, and Christmas tree ornaments all in the same aisle!
Today I will carve my pumpkins. I admit to not being very creative with them, not spending a lot of time on the ritual, but somehow once lit up they look pretty good regardless of my abilities.
My grandchildren look forward to tomorrow, costumes and trick or treat bags ready. My grandson will be a knight complete with a shield, my granddaughter a pink kitten. They have Halloween parties to attend and spook houses to visit. What a fun time of year for kids and adults alike! As you can see from the photos, my granddaughter was a peacock one Halloween and my grandson a baseball. I am proud to say I sewed the baseball costume for him!

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Hockey Rink Rat Tshirts and Gifts mousepad
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm Life

Kids seem to love farms. What's not to love about them? Unless you live on a farm or know someone who does, most children don't get to ride a horse, feed a goat, see a pig unless they are at the petting zoo. I remember as a child going to my parent's friends farm and how much fun it was to help milk the cows, gather eggs, and play in the haybarn. They are experiences that have stayed with me my entire life. There's nothing like the fresh air (and occasional whiff of cow manure!), the feeling of accomplishment from doing chores that you know is helping the animals, and just watching the animals.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As you can probably guess from the name of my business, Peacock Cards LLC, I love peacocks! I think our name, Peacock Cards, gives people the impression that we sell peacock greeting cards. Well, we do actually, but we sell a whole lot more.
The name Peacock Cards originally came about when I started a free ecard site a number of years back. Although we still have the free ecards, we have expanded to become not just an ecard site but a site that specializes in bringing you personalized and non personalized occasion, holiday, and every day T-shirts, tote bags, buttons, cards, stickers, mugs, and so much more.
People email me on occasion and ask if we sell anything with peacocks. I guess the name is confusing, and although yes, we do sell some items with peacock designs, we have thousands of other designs as well.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kids Car Theme Birthday T-shirts

Kids who love racing and race cars will love our car theme age specific birthday T-shirts, birthday buttons, tote bags, and other items. We just recently added two new designs to add to the designs we already had. We also have motorcycle racing theme birthday T-shirts, buttons, and other birthday gear for kids who love motorcycle racing.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kids Love Trains!

I just moved recently to a new house. I was surprised yesterday afternoon to hear a train in the distance. It's a nice sound as long as it's not too close. I like trains. My grandson loves trains. He's loved trains since he was very small, I think in part because they live very near to train tracks and it's a sound that he's heard since being a newborn. Of course, he has just about every Thomas the Train train and book made. He also had a train theme birthday party when he turned two.

A couple of summers ago we took him to the Houghton County Historical Museum and he got a train ride. It's a great place to take kids on a train ride and they have a miniature scale train exhibit that's well worth seeing. It's a great place to take kids but also very educational and interesting for adults. Housed in the historic Lake Linden Mineral Range Depot is the home of the largest collection of Copper Country railroad artifacts in the area. The depot also houses a huge operating model railroad in HO scale, depicting the Copper Range Railroad in the 1920s.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Holiday T-shirts...already?!?

I've been uploading some new products to my Christmas Shop over the past several days. Holiday T-shirts with snowmen, snowman sweatshirts, snowman mugs, baby's first Christmas T-shirts, first Christmas bodysuits, penguin holiday sweatshirts and other holiday clothing, Christmas cards with matching postage stamps, and a whole lot more.
It almost seems surreal to me as just a few short weeks ago I was outside with short sleeves and capris, hiking and snapping photos and the leaves barely turned to their brilliant autumn reds and golds, and now, here I am in fleece and winter gloves, scraping frost from my windshield and watching the snowflakes fall, hoping winter doesn't stay too early. (not a fan of shovelling snow!)
There is some magic however to those first flakes that glisten and shine and seem to somehow put the world at a standstill if only for a moment. The fresh air, the awe of nature, the dusting of white on an otherwise barren landscape brings wonder and awe. And of course, snow reminds me of Christmas, and I do love Christmas. And so, as I said, I have found myself uploading holiday T-shirts and tote bags, Santa Clause sweatshirts and mugs, reindeer and candy cane magnets and stickers. Check out some of our newest holiday clothing and gift items at Peacock Cards!

Retro Happy Holidays card
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