Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish whoever happens to stop by a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year in 2005! I was wondering just now what I should have my new years resolution be, and I think what I will resolve to do is visit friends and family more in the coming year. I get so busy sometimes with the store and the site, I sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers, which is something I believe we should all do. Here it is, only a few days after Christmas, and already I have been adding a Valentine's Day section with Valentine's Day shirts, intimate apparel, mousepads, valentine keepsake boxes, Valentine greeting cards, and ornaments! I'm so happy to say that the ornaments will be around all year instead of just for the holiday season. I think it's great because ornaments can be used for so much more than just hanging on the tree. I have purchased a couple that I've given as gifts and also display them by hanging them from a hook, shelf peg, etc. I'll continue to add valentine baby bibs, tote bags, and some sweatshirts and hoodies until the Valentine's Day section is complete. If you're curious what we have in that section, just click on the link below. I wish you all have a good year, stay safe.

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