Monday, September 29, 2008


We really need a cure for Alzheimers.
I guess there is testing that can be done now to see if you're going to get alzheimers. No thanks! I'd rather not know if there's nothing they can do about it anyway. Sure, they can prolong the symptoms with medications. Sure it's said that if you do crossword puzzles and such that keeps your mind alert it will help. But unless they actually have a cure for it, I don't want to know if it's in my future. I may not be the norm on that, and it's probably that I am afraid to know and that's why I'd rather not. I admit to it being a scary topic for me. There is Alzheimers on both sides of my family. My mom's sister had Alzheimers, my Dad had Alzheimers, and so at times I feel as though I am doomed.
When my Dad died in a nursing home where he had lived for over three years, I felt like I had lost him twice. First I lost him to this dreaded disease, then again when his body finally let go after fighting pneumonia for over three weeks. When he died he not been able to walk for some time, spoke very little anymore, but he always smiled, laughed, and even if he did not call my Mom by name, the recognition and adoration I saw in his eyes every time he saw her was enough for me to know how deep love can be. Needless to say, after five years my mom still misses him terribly. We all do.
I would find it hard to imagine that there is anyone out there who does not know someone that has or has had Alzheimers. I'm ashamed to say that I don't know how much work is being done on finding a cure, how much money donated to the cause, but writing this blog post has made me realize that I need to go find a place to! And so, I'll be back to write more in just a moment, I'm not putting this off. I'm sure there is a national Alzheimers site..right? Let me find out! BRB
minutes go by....

There, I just donated $60. They had what I initially thought was odd amounts to donate ie $35, $60, etc. but then realized that if they had $25, $50, they would get less because most people probably just click on one or the other anyway! Very smart of them! I feel better now. I feel like it's in remembrance of my Dad and also that it could help my mom, myself, my sisters, kids, whoever. We need and I do mean NEED a cure for it!
There is a shop on Zazzle that has some awesome designs that help raise awareness about Alzheimers. I hope that if people see someone wearing a T-shirt that reminds them about Alzheimers they might actually donate to finding a cure. Or, perhaps if nothing else it will get them to learn more about it, the warning signs, or just to be kinder to those who suffer and family members of those who suffer. The shop is
Alzheimer's Memory Shoppe T-shirts And Gifts and it has a lot of designs that I would be proud to wear. I especially like this one!

Need A Cure For Alzheimer's T-shirt shirt

Need A Cure For Alzheimer's T-shirt
by memoryshoppe
Ok, and I admit I like a lot of them but that was my fav as well as this one!

Stop Alzheimer's Disease Hoodie shirt

Stop Alzheimer's Disease Hoodie
Alzheimers can affect the young as well as the old. My dad was in his 80s when he died, but he had signs of Alzheimers for at least ten years before that, the last few spent in a nursing home. He was physically active throughout his life, ate well, did crossword puzzles every day, and had seven children to talk his ear off and tons of grandkids to keep him young. It doesn't matter, it can affect anyone. I urge you to spread the message to find a cure for Alzheimers, raise awareness about it, and if you can please donate to finding a cure.

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