Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

It's cool out today here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It hardly feels like a summer day, in fact, I found myself munching soy butter and crackers while watching the Bachelorette last night on TV, and it felt very much like a fall night. You know, winter mode setting in. The lazy days of autumn where all you want to do is hibernate indoors with a soft blanket and some good TV. But alas, it is not even yet July! I hoped to awaken today to a sunny day but mother nature decided to play another trick and gave us yet another cool, rather dreary day. I suppose the one good thing is that it's a good day for working. Otherwise I'd find myself longing to be outdoors.
Summers here are way too short, and so when it's sunny and warm out I find it difficult to stay indoors. I'd much rather soak up some vitamin D and take in the beauty this area has to offer, and it is very beautiful here. Fresh air and fresh water are plentiful.
What are some of the things you love about summer? Do you love the sun? The festivals and parades that take place? There are several festivals and celebrations that take place in this area including 4th of July parades and fireworks, Pioneer Days in Negaunee, Art on the Rocks, The Italian Fest, and Blueberry Festival.
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