Monday, February 27, 2012

Kids Birthday Invitations

Kids birthday parties have become, in my opinion, a lot more lavish over the years. I remember as a child most children in my neighborhood only had one "big" party during their childhood. By one big party, I mean one party where they invited classmates and friends and an ample amount of money was spent on food and balloons and crepe paper streamers. Even the "big" parties back then were nothing compared to parties children have now. My 5th birthday was my big party. I remember having a lot of friends there and getting lots of gifts. I remember having cake and ice cream and potato chips, and I remember there was balloons. Other than that, my birthday was usually celebrated with just my closest family members and perhaps one best friend. And that was pretty much the norm for all of my friends and classmates.
Invitations were a phone call or perhaps a hand made invitation on construction paper using crayons or a dark pen. Parties then certainly didn't have themes, at least not that I can recall. Nobody had a cartoon character birthday party or a princess party or cowboy party. It was just cake, pop, ice cream, chips, and balloons and streamers for the most part. I don't recall treat bags to take home or entertainment like face painting, clowns, balloon animals, or puppet shows taking place during the party. Still, they were such fun! And perhaps it's partly why I have come to love birthday parties, especially for children.
When my own kids were little, I put quite a bit of effort into their birthday parties. Although money was tight I admit to having spent a bit on the parties, and making do with hand creating the things I couldn't afford to purchase, such as pinatas and decorations. The lead up to the party was such fun...days and days of making decorations and food in preparation for their special day. And they loved their birthday parties so much it was always well worth the effort, although I have to admit to loving it so much it wasn't even what I can call "effort".
My daughter has put on some pretty nice parties for her own children, my grandkids. I have posted several pictures from several of those parties in my previous blog posts. I am in the process now of ordering my granddaughter's birthday party invitations and in doing so, stopped to write this blog post so I can pass along some of the cute party invites I've recently created.
All of my kids birthday invitations are easy to customize with your child's birthday party specifics, and many of them are photo ready as well. I've designed several hundred birthday invitations in various themes including princess, firefighter, cowboy, cowgirl, birthday sleepover, movie night, spa party, pizza party, puppy dog, owl, circus, carnival, golf outing birthday, amusement park, rock climbing, dinosaur, and so many more! And I'm not done yet. I plan to continue to create them because I love doing it! Most of my invitations right now are the square invites but I do have a few of the 5x7" invites as well and plan to create more in the 5x7" size.
If you are having a birthday party and don't see the theme you are looking for, drop me an email and I'll see if I can create it for you!
Enjoy these birthday invitations and check back again soon for even more!

Bounce House Custom Birthday Invites invitationCustom Blond Girls Rock Star Birthday Invitations invitationBlue Puppy Dog Custom Birthday Invitations invitationCustomized Girls Amusement Park Birthday Invites invitationCustomized Boats Birthday Invitation invitationBIG Stache Bash Birthday Invitations invitationCustomized Construction Birthday Invitation invitationCustom Dark Hair Princess Birthday Invitations invitationBoy Custom Photo Rock Wall Birthday Invitation invitationCustom Golf Outing Birthday Invitations invitationCustom Photo Royal Princess Invitation invitationBoy Science Birthday Party Invitation invitationBrunette Add Photo Custom Cheerleader Invitations invitationCustomized Hollywood Glamour Birthday Invitation invitationCustom Photo Black Hair Ballerina Birthday Invite invitationCustom Photo Fire Engine Birthday Invitations invitationPolice Customized Birthday Invitation invitationCustomized Frog Hop Birthday Invitation invitationTotally 80s Birthday Invitation invitationBlue Penguin Customized Birthday Invitation invitationGirl All About Science Birthday Party Invitation invitationFigure Skate Skate Party Invitations invitationCustom Monster Truck Photo Birthday Invitations invitationCustom Photo Little Pilot Birthday Invitation invitation

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