Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wildlife Pillows, Serving Trays, Throw Blankets

A couple months ago, I was elated to learn I was one of the silver winners of the Zazzle Baby It's Cold Outside Design Challenge. My entry consisted of a deer buck and doe throw pillow, deer buck and doe in birch forest throw blanket, black bears in birch forest flask, serving tray with bears in a birch forest, deer in birch forest wrapped canvas art, and deer in birch forest playing cards. As a silver design challenge winner, I received some much appreciated promotion and some much appreciated gifts! Zazzle sent me the throw blanket, large serving tray, and throw pillow with the wildlife bear and deer designs that I submitted for the contest.
Just this morning I finally got around to snapping a few photos of the products they sent me. First, let me say that I am very, very, very pleased with all three products. Having already seen and owning the throw pillow and serving tray (different designs) I knew they would be quality products with great printing. They are! The pillow is beautiful, and I absolutely love the fabric. The pillow is polyester and is 16x16 inches, a perfect size, not too big, not too small. I love the polyester fabric, it's smooth and soft and yet holds it's shape well. The printing is bright, crisp, and clear, exactly as pictured on the site. The bottom of the pillow has a hidden zipper which is easy to miss as it's hidden so well. You can take the entire cover of the pillow off and wash it in your washing machine! And for me, seeing that it's made in the USA is an added bonus!
I purchased a serving tray this holiday season so I knew what to expect, except the serving tray I purchased was the small size and the one Zazzle sent me as the contest prize is the large serving tray. Same quality, same great black finish, same vibrant printing, except larger. The bears and birch trees design looks stunning on the black tray. The dimensions of the large tray: 19" w x 14" l x 2.625" d. This tray is also available in the natural wood finish. The tray itself has a nice, glossy finish and I know from experience it is easy to wipe down and dry if you spill something or get it dirty. Love these trays!
The third item that Zazzle sent to me is the blanket throw, which I had never seen before. I was pleasantly surprised that it's thicker and heavier than I expected. It's not real heavy but a nice weight, enough to keep it from bunching up and has a quality feel to it. At 54x38 inches it's a nice size, great for snuggling with, and what surprised me was that when I took it out of the package it was wrinkle free, even after shipping and being folded up! It's 50% cotton and 50% polyester. PURE-tech wicking technology enables eco-friendly, rapid drying, reduces static, and gives your blanket a longer life. This throw is also made in the USA! Hand washing is recommended for this throw, and I think that makes perfect sense.

I took photos of all these items! I took photos of both sides of the pillow as there is a different print on each side. I also took photos of the back of the throw to show you what that looks like, which is lovely by the way. And I took a photo or two of the pillow zipper to show you how well it's hidden.
If you like bears, deer, bucks, doe, wildlife, nature, forests, trees, birch trees, and have a wildlife theme in your home or cabin, if you are  a sportsman or someone who loves wildlife, either way you're sure to like the designs and after seeing, feeling, and owning the products I can say with confidence that they are beautiful and quality items with vivid, quality printing.
Here is a photo of all three items, the deer doe pillow front, about half the deer in birch forest throw blanket as it's folded over the back of my chair, and the bear in birch forest serving tray.
And here is a photo of the serving tray itself. As you can see, the colors and printing is vibrant and beautiful. The black finish of the serving tray is rich looking and there are cut out handles on the right and left side of the tray for easy carrying.
The second photo is of the bottom of the pillow with the zipper partially open. You can see the synthetic filled insert that you can easily remove in order to wash the pillow cover. You can also see how well hidden the zipper is. If not for the little white zipper pull you would miss that there's a zipper entirely!
The next photo is of the second side of the pillow. I love that you can reverse this pillow for an entirely different, yet matching design. That's what's fun about throw pillows with two sides, it's like having two different pillows! Both sides of the pillow are black and white with deer and birch trees, but two different designs. Perfect!

Here's a photo of the deer blanket throw a bit more open, still thrown over the back of the living room chair.  Blue sky seen between the white birch trees, more vivid white birch trees, a bit of forest foliage and weeds, and of course, a big antlered buck and smaller doe! In case you wondered how the back of the throw blanket looks I've taken a photo of that as well. You can see the back is not printed but still pretty, and fringe all around. I did absolutely nothing so far as smoothing out, trying to get out wrinkles, or anything else, this is right from the folded, shipped items put in place quickly and photos snapped.
If you love these items and want to purchase them or read more about the product specs, here they are, as well as a few of my other wildlife, bear, deer, designs on quality Zazzle products.

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Kathi Shotwell said...

I love this collection of yours! Thanks for sharing with us how they look in real life, with such good detail.

Cindy Bendel said...

Really gorgeous designs, I love the black and white!