Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Christmas Holiday Photo Card Collections

It's officially fall, and with that comes cooler temperatures, colored leaves, Halloween, and yes, before we know it, it will be Christmas. As a designer I am always several holidays ahead. I have spent time on Christmas designing for Valentine's Day, at Easter I am designing for Halloween, and yes, this time of year I am designing for Christmas.
In the past several weeks I have been designing Christmas holiday photo card suites including a photo card with matching postage, stickers, and address labels. Some of the sets have several options of stickers in square, round, and star shape, some sets have both the regular return address labels as well as the new, modern wraparound labels, and some have more than one option for postage stamps as well.
The new 2015 holiday photo card suites include typography text, kraft paper look, deer with floral wreaths, pine cones and greenery, birch trees, peacock feathers, holly, snowflakes, and several sets with some great new, modern color combinations like cashmere rose with cadmium orange on blue, red and mint, gold and black, and of course, many in the classic Christmas holiday colors of red, white, green, and gold.
These holiday photo cards are so easy to customize with your photo and names as they are easy to use templates. You can see exactly what your cards will look like before ordering.
I hope you will like the new 2015 Christmas photo card suites I have created!


Simon Lake said...

What a very charming selection of customizable cards! Fresh and crisp and very appealing'

Carolyn said...

A wonderful variety, it's nice to see some of the less "traditional" inclusive holiday season designs.

Aleirah Stevens said...

These are some really beautiful Christmas Holiday cards and matching sets! I absolutely love the charcoal selection with the dear, very classic and neutral yet celebratory. And I love the cards you can add a photo to, I can't wait to see what else you post up!

LeahG TrendSpotter said...

These are very lovely collections, I shall be sharing some of these :)