Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Mad Scientist Birthday Party Invitations

When my grandson turned seven years old, he had an amazing Mad Scientist themed birthday party. His mom went all out with this birthday party to make it fun, cool, and educational all in one! There was great decorations, fun, yummy food, and some really cool science experiments done in the makeshift laboratory by all the little professors and lab scientists in white lab coats she had purchased from Costco. (I'm not sure if these are still available there or not as it has been several years).

As each child arrived he or she was handed a white lab coat as well as a clear plastic name tag with his name on it with the word "Doctor" before his name. As instructed beforehand, the kids all came with wacky hairdos which made the mad scientist theme more relevant! With the help of several adults, the little professors and doctors in white lab coats made little a little tornado in a bottle, green slime, a mini lava lamp, and snow! These experiments were found at
The party decor was interesting, fun, and yet a bit frightening! There was several rooms in the township hall where the party was held. One of the rooms looked like a dungeon with brick look walls, tables with brains, petri dishes, buckets of eyeballs, rubber snakes and lab rats, test tubes, skulls, monster fingernails, magnifying glasses, even a fog machine!
The tables were covered with bright green tablecloths, square silver paper plates, eyeball napkins, and cups for green juice that were clear with an eyeball glued inside each one! Each child was able to take home their cup, which they were really happy about. Jello jigglers were made in little petri dishes, individual bags of chips were handed out, pizzas were delivered, and there was plenty of fresh veggies and dip, cupcakes, ice cream, and cake to go around. My daughter decorated one of the cakes to look like a giant eyeball!

When the party was over, each child took home a bag of treats that included swirly straws, stickers, candy treats, and more in a science theme paper bag.
I have many science and mad scientist theme birthday party invitations for kids that are easy to customize, colorful, fun, and printed beautifully on a very good quality card stock. I have recently purchased hundreds of invitations from various stores of mine to see if I love them as much as I do online, and I'm happy to report that I am so happy with these invitations! They are every bit as beautiful and high quality as I had hoped. Here is a couple photos of the science and mad scientist birthday party invitations I ordered and took photos of. I have recently started making matching science theme birthday thank you notes as well.
Magnifying Glass Girl Scientist Thank You Postcard
Magnifying Glass Girl Scientist Thank You Postcard by kids_birthdays
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Girl Science Birthday Party Invitation
Girl Science Birthday Party Invitation by kids_birthdays
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Fliss said...

What a great idea for a kids party theme, I must suggest it too my daughters who have 5 boys between them who would all love a Science themed party and those customized invites are so cool.

LeahG Cartoonist said...

What a brilliant idea! This is really perfect for boys - blowing things up being their very favorite thing!! Love the designs.