Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer Birthday Party Invitations

Summer's not over yet! And in many parts of the country, summer extends well into autumn, well at least the warm temperatures and beach like weather do! For me here in Michigan's UP,  summer turns into autumn quite quickly, but if you live in the southern states or even south in Michigan, the warm temperatures can continue for some time.
That said...
I have created a lot of kids birthday invitations that are summer related. Whether your child's birthday party is going to be a backyard barbeque, a pool party at grandma's house, a party in the park, or a weekend camping birthday or overnight slumber party in the backyard, we have the invitation that will suit your celebration!
Colorful, fun, cheery, beautifully printed by Zazzle, these kids birthday party invitations are sure to get a lot of oohs and aahs from all the guests. They are easy to customize with all of your child's birthday party specifics!
Check out the cute pool party birthday invites,  beach birthday party invitations, party in the park invites, summer birthday barbeque invitations, and more!

Here's a link to our summer birthday party invitations collection!
And here's a collection of summer beach and pool party invites!
And if the summer birthday party is a sleepover, or camping in the yard, check out this collection of kids birthday invites!

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