Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frogs and Princesses

I went to see the movie Princess and the Frog a few days ago with my daughter, son in law, and my two grandchildren. The movie although very cute was a bit of a let down to me as I am so spoiled on 3D animation that a regular animated movie just didn't quite measure up. That said, my two year old granddaughter seemed a bit bored with it about halfway through, which wasn't surprising as she has a difficult time staying still that long, also, it's only the second movie she's ever seen at the theater. My grandson who just turned six seemed to like it quite a lot however. The movie does have some cute frogs, and the princess kisses a frog theme was there along with a bit of a twist! For those of you who love frogs and princesses, we have the T-shirts, mugs, keychains, tote bags, and other princess and frog theme items at Peacock Cards!

Princess Froggie mousepad
Princess Froggie by girl_stuff
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