Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Cupcakes!?

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Sweet and yummy, a feel good food that allows the baker to get ridiculously creative! Cupcakes are a great snack with a glass of milk or cup of coffee, they're a great addition to a birthday party or other get together, a fun and delicious treat to bake together with your child or grandchild.

Sprinkles Cupcakes was the world's first cupcake bakery, opening in Beverly Hills by owners Candace and Charles Nelson. What I personally love about Sprinkles is that they donate daily leftovers to food banks and have donated over $3 million from the sale of cupcakes to charities such as schools, children's hospitals, and the Women's Cancer Research Fund. What could be sweeter than that?

Cupcake bakeries are popping up all over, and they seem to do well. At about $3 per cupcake, many cupcake bakeries have reported lines since the day they opened. So what is it about cupcakes that makes them so sought after? It could be the simplicity of a cupcake, the familiarity, after all, don't we all have some good, comforting memories of cupcakes in our childhood? It is indeed a comfort food, and perhaps with the economy the way it is, getting back to the basics and comfy food that makes us feel good for the moment is just the prescription we need now and then. Cupcakes allow us to feel like children again, if only for a few moments.

But will the cupcake craze continue? Will cupcake bakeries continue to pop up everywhere or will people eventually get tired of the cupcake and move on to something else as is usually the case. It's hard to predict, but even if the popularity of the cupcake should wane, cupcakes themself have been around long enough to be assured a spot in bakeries and at parties as the backup, if not the main star.

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