Saturday, June 25, 2011

Owl Theme Birthday Party

My daughter has done it again! She has amazed me with her creativity, hard work, and talent at being an awesome party planner. She's not really a party planner by profession, she's a kindergarten teacher, but if she wanted to be a party planner there's no doubt in my mind she'd be great at it. She not only does a great job with giving awesome kid's themed birthday parties, she enjoys it immensely as well.
My granddaughter's 4th birthday was this week and the theme of her party this year was owls. Cutesy owls. Owls of pink and pretty teal blue. Owls with a bit of orange, with plaid, with big eyes and cheery dispositions.

The party was supposed to be held outdoors at a wonderful park with a covered pavillion. Of course, as is the case any time you plan an outdoor party, the weather can either make it lovely or miserable. Seeing it rained for days and no end in sight, the party was decidedly moved indoors. Good call I'd say!
My daughter made cake pops that look like owls. So cute! And quite a job I'm sure. First she made the cake, then ...well, in actuality I'm not sure how one makes cake pops except that I do know the cake is formed somehow into balls, put onto lollipop sticks, and then dipped into chocolate. She put on the little beaks, eyes, even had little ears, and then each one was individually wrapped in a clear bag and tied with a gold tie. She then arranged them in cute and colorful ceramic flower pots that had styrofoam inside, the sticks inserted into the styrofoam. The styrofoam was covered with shredded blue paper and as you can see from the photos they were adorable! The kids and grown ups alike absolutely loved the taste as well.

She not only made the cake pops but also a wonderful cake covered with flowered cake tattoos and S'More cupcakes that were decorated further with little flower and owl picks. Oh so cute and eye catching, not to mention great tasting. The cake was two larger round layers one on top of the other, and two smaller round layers on top of the larger ones. The layers alternated with strawberry and vanilla ...the strawberry layers having fresh berries. Yummy!

There was bowls of cheetos, potato chips, salsa and chips, veggies and dip, fresh strawberries and blueberries, watermelon, as well as taco salad and spiral salad. Pizzas were also ordered so there was plenty of food to go around as well as soda and juice boxes.

My daughter set up a table with a couple of easy but fun crafts for the kids, one was an owl scratch project and the other was make a mug, both projects that allowed the kids to take home what they made. A couple of games were played. One of the games involved carrying a plastic egg on a spoon across the floor. Each egg held a quarter and each child got to keep the egg. My daughter also made some cute owls from felt and a bit filled for weight and the kids tossed them into a basket. At the end of the party each child also got to take home a decorative metal bucket filled with candy and other treats, each wrapped in cellophane and tied with a colorful ribbon. Each bucket had a personalized owl sticker from my Zazzle Kid's Birthdays Store attached.

If that wasn't treats enough, there was also an awesome owl pinata lovingly created by the birthday girl's other grandma. I have to say this pinata was beautiful and it was almost sad to see this gorgeous pink, teal blue, and white owl get smacked with a stick by all the kids until he fell apart, candy and trinkets spilling onto the floor as the kids raced with their empty bags to get their prize. The kids also got to play basketball, ping pong, ride tricycles, and just run around as there was lots of indoor space for wearing off energy.

The tables were covered with plastic tablecloths of bright blue, pink, and various colors of polka dots. Four ceramic flower pots held live tree branches with real leaves, and in each sat two adorable, colorful, happy looking felt owls my daughter made. They were so cute and cheery sitting on the center of each table as we mingled, talked, and ate the wonderful birthday goodies. The plates and napkins were of course owl themed, a metal bucket with a felt owl attached held the plastic dinnerware, and pink and blue helium balloons helped to make it even more festive. My daughter also printed off papers that were placed near the food, drinks, take home treat buckets, etc. that read "Whooo's thirsty?", "Whooo wants to eat?", "Thank whoooo for coming to the party", etc. What a cute touch!

My granddaughter wore a beautiful dress her parents purchased for her with an owl applique from Etsy, and although I bought her an owl birthday theme T-shirt which was intended to wear later at the party, time went by so fast she never got to. Here's the shirt I purchased for her. I'll post photos of her wearing it someday soon. The great thing is, she'll be four all year so she can wear it the entire year, so not having worn it on her birthday is okay!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the owl theme 4th birthday party photos. Maybe you got a few ideas for your own owl theme birthday party. It was a cute theme!
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Owls represent knowledge and wisdom and I do think that this certainly has to be one of the best personalized birthday themes out there.