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I have no idea why I chose hippos as my blog post topic today. I was thinking about all the various animal designs I have in my Toddler's Place Store, everything from cats and dogs to zoo and safari animals like monkeys and elephants and tigers, to the tiniest little critters, the caterpillars, bumblebees, and ladybugs! But in thinking about these designs I realized that I have so many different animal designs I should focus on one at a time, and so, today I chose hippos.
In thinking about hippos, or the hippopotamus, I wondered if I could find any fun facts about hippos, so I googled it and sure enough, this great list of hippopotamus fun facts came up. This list is from Science Kids.

"Check out our range of fun hippopotamus facts for kids. Learn what they look like, where they live, what they eat and much more.
Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about hippopotamuses.

  • Hippopotamuses are found in Africa.
  • The name hippopotamus means ‘river horse’ and is often shortened to hippo.
  • The hippopotamus is generally considered the third largest land mammal (after the White rhinoceros and elephant).
  • Hippopotamuses spend a large amount of time in water such as rivers, lakes and swamps.
  • Resting in water helps keep hippopotamuses temperature down.
  • Hippopotamuses give birth in water.
  • Hippopotamuses have short legs, a huge mouth and a body shaped like a barrel.
  • The closest relations of the hippopotamus are surprisingly cetaceans such as whales and dolphins.
  • Scientists believe this family of animals diverged in evolution around 55 million years ago.
  • Although hippos might look a little chubby, they can easily outrun a human.
  • Hippos can be extremely aggressive, especially if they feel threatened.
  • They are regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.
  • Hippos are threatened by habitat loss and poachers who hunt them for their meat and teeth.
  • A male hippopotamus is called a ‘bull’.
  • A female hippopotamus is called a ‘cow’.
  • A baby hippo is called a ‘calf’.
  • A group of hippos in known as a ‘herd’, ‘pod’, ‘dale’ or ‘bloat’.
  • Hippos typically live for around 45 years.
  • Hippos eat mostly grass."

    So there you have it, some fun facts about hippos. Which is your most interesting fact? For me it was the fact that they live for about 45 years. I didn't realize hippos lived that long!
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