Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Teal Pumpkin Project and More

Halloween is just a few days away. I love the little trick or treaters who come to the door dressed as their favorite character whether it's a witch, princess, ninja, or cowboy! I am always amused and amazed at some of the costumes and can tell that a lot of thought, and probably money, was put into them.
This year I changed things up a bit in that I didn't buy any actual candy. Instead I have decided on little bags of chips and Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos, as well as drink boxes, and when those run out I have little bags of Goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, and packs of gum. Because my grandson has a severe peanut allergy and I have become so much more food allergy aware over the years, and because I want to keep kids with food allergies safe, I am also going to give out non-food treats this year! I also have a printout from the website that I will hang on my door, as well as a teal painted pumpkin to show my support for the Teal Pumpkin Project and those with food allergies.  If you decide you would like this printout, you can find it HERE. They have several printouts to choose from on this site!
My non-food treats include pirate eye patches, mini cars, rubber bugs and spiders, mini notebooks, and quarters! Here's a photo of my bowl of non-food treats as well as my teal pumpkin!

Trick or treating for kids with severe allergies can be scary. Please show support of those with food allergies, many of which are life threatening, by having non-food treats available!

On another note, I was thinking about the new Peanuts movie coming out soon starring Charlie Brown and the gang, and got to thinking about a cute Halloween craft my daughter and I did together a number of years back. The project is fairly simple and low cost, and has held up well over the years even being thrown into a box with no protective tissue or bubble wrap. Just a few dings. Here's a photo I took last night. Looks like Charlie Brown and Lucy doesn't it? But it's a great Halloween decoration and easy to make with wooden balls, felt, little clay pots, some paint, hair (for the witch), and of course, some hot glue to hold things together!
And of course, no blog post from me would be complete without adding that  I have some awesome Halloween party invitations in my Halloween Store! While it is too late to order and send out Halloween party invites anymore this Halloween, keep these and my other cards in my various stores in mind for other years and other holidays and occasions!
I have recently purchased hundreds of my own cards from Zazzle because I wanted to see for myself how they print, the quality of the card stock, etc. I can't say how excited and happy I am to wholeheartedly say that they are beautiful! Colorful, printed well, the card stock used is quality card stock, and they appear every bit as nice if not nicer than what they look online! The colors are spot on, although when taking photos I noticed my camera for whatever reason would turn a dark teal into more of a blue. In those cases, the color is more true to color what you see on the site, otherwise, everything matched up completely and was as expected!
Here's some photos I took of some of the Halloween cards in my store! Clicking on the first photo will take you to my Halloween store where you can find Halloween party invitations as well as Halloween T-shirts, bags, buttons, and more for every size and age as well as baby's first Halloween T-shirts, bibs, and bodysuits! Clicking on an individual invitation will take you to that invitation on the Zazzle website.

To all, have a happy and safe Halloween!


Carolyn said...

Halloween must be a scary time of year in a whole different way when considering children with food allergies! A very important issue to keep at the forefront of people's minds. I love your Charlie Brown ornament BTW, and your Halloween party invitations are just adorable!

Judy Adamson said...

Really good idea to provide non-food treats for children with allergies! I have a grandson with multiple food allergies, though at fifteen, he's grown out of some of them, thank goodness. But it's really important that he doesn't come into contact at all with the foods he's still allergic to (eggs, sesame and peanuts now, I think) but I think it's so common these days that kids are really good at understanding what they need to do (and what they need others NOT to do!) We don't celebrate Halloween very much here, possibly because it's so close to Bonfire Night? But I hope you all have a wonderful time - and all stay safe!