Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Favs, Their Favs, Part One

Browsing through the galleries of beautiful products designed by other members of Union Eight always leaves me amazed at their talent and creativity. I wonder what inspires each of them, what motivates them to create a specific design, and I wonder if they have any that they consider their favorites. And so I asked each member of Union Eight to email me with three of their own favorite designs. I'll post them here and I'll also post three of my favorites of their designs. It will be interesting to see if my favorites match their favorites in any instances.
Today I will focus on the designs of artist/creator/gallery keeper October Child Beautiful T-shirts And Family Gifts.
One of my very favorite designs by October Child is the girl's names designs. It's an awesome, hip design in popular pink and brown, and you're sure to find the specific girls name you are looking for.
Although I love all the cute designs from
Small Potatoes Designs Cartoon T-shirts And Gifts, I do have one that I can say is one of my very favorites. I guess I'm still a kid at heart because I love these Small Potatoes designs!

For my third favorite design I had to choose one from
Mad Conductor Music T-shirts & Gifts as I am always so blown away when browsing that gallery. If you are a music lover, in a band, love to sing, play a musical instrument or know someone who does this gallery is just amazing! Here's one of my favs!

Now you know what my three favs are, but what about the designer, the creator, the owner of October Child Beautiful T-shirts And Family Gifts? Well, I asked her, and she submitted to me three of her very favorite designs. I haven't looked at them yet as I want to see how closely her favorites match my favorites. I'm excited to find out, so here's her three favorites!

So there you have it! Her three favorites are similar to my three favorites in that we both love the Small Potatoes designs, both picked a design from Mad Conductor Music T-shirts & Gifts, and we both love the hip pink and brown design, although hers is a teacher T-shirt and mine was the girls' names T-shirt. With designs like this, everything is a favorite!

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