Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Favs, Their Favs, Part Two

In yesterday's post I mentioned how I often wonder when browsing the galleries of other Union Eight members if they have their favorites, and so I asked each of them to email me three of their favorite designs and I'd post three of my favs as well. Today I am looking through the gallery of TeeShirtsTShirts Awesome Tee Shirts and Gifts. It's not going to be easy for me to pick three favorite designs as there are so many that I love! This gallery is owned by the talented artist who created the Union Eight logo, and her designs are amazing, creative, and totally top notch!
TeeShirtsTShirts Awesome Tee Shirts and Gifts has holiday designs, political designs, real embroidered items, cool shoes, monograms, school and teacher designs, sports, music, wedding, even Twilight Movie designs!
Picking three favorites wasn't an easy task, but here's my three!
I just love this World's Best Teacher design. With the muted colors and circular text design around the apple I find it to be one of the most creative and tasteful teacher designs I've seen.

Who could resist this beautiful deer photo mousepad? It's not often I see a deer with the felt antlers and the deer almost seems to be posing for the photo...calm, relaxed, happy.

The Bride Cake Bride T-shirt is one of my favorites as I totally love the wedding cake design. It is a unique, modern wedding design! Well, that sums it up for my three favorites, now let's see what the designer, creator, gallery keeper of TeeShirtsTShirts Awesome Tee Shirts and Gifts has chosen for her three favorites! I honestly have not looked at them yet as I want to be surprised myself and compare my favs to her favs without first knowing what hers are. Here they are!

This time my choice of favs wasn't nearly that of the creator/designer/gallery keepers favorites. She chose an embroidery design that you can easily customize with your university name, an awesome argyle design shoe, and a Dad design that I have to admit I do love as well. So there you have it! Tomorrow I'll post the favorites for yet another member of Union Eight!

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