Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gifts From a Five Year Old

My grandson who turned five just a couple of weeks ago has been on my mind all night. He is on my mind a lot regardless, simply because he's my little buddy and one of the very most wonderful things in my life (my granddaughter and kids ranking right up there as well!), but tonight my daughter related a story to me that has left me smiling and warm inside.
Christmas through the eyes of a child, not just any child, this child, my grandson who always manages even when he's not trying, to make me see just how creative he is, how thoughtful and caring.
Tonight, on his own, he got out five little white paper bags and proceeded to make Christmas presents for his family. I can't tell you what is in his daddy's paper sack because his daddy was at work when the rest of the gifts were opened and so his remained unopened the last I heard.
For his mommy, he gave a can of caffeine free diet Coke and some stickers. Pretty thoughtful as she loves the diet Coke and being a teacher I guess he knows she uses stickers a lot.
For his baby sister who is 1 1/2, he gave a cracker and a picture he drew of a fairy. She loved it. Crackers are her very favorite, so again, he put in a lot of thought and the gift was a success. For his dog he gave several dog treats. The dog loves anything and everything, even things a goat wouldn't probably eat, so again, the gift was met with great appreciation.
Now this is where it gets a bit funny.
The family has a fish, a huge old fish, a lone fish in an aquarium, a fish that supposedly can live for more than 15 years, and it has already been around for at least ten that I am aware of. My son in law got this fish while he was in college, in fact, one time over the years the fish actually jumped out of the tank, landed on the floor, and they thought it was dead. So, they were in no big rush to scoop it up and "dispose" of it. When they finally did about 15 minutes later they realized it was actually still alives so they threw it back into the fish tank and the fish remains alive to this day, years and years later.
So, what DOES a five year old give to this fish, this fish that had no name until he named it Lyle one day not that long ago? What can a little boy possibly give to his fish Lyle for Christmas that can fit into a white paper sack? I must say he did indeed put thought into this gift. For Lyle the fish, he gave his movie, The Night Before Christmas, so Lyle can watch it from inside his tank. Now tell me that's not cute!
I can hardly wait to hear tomorrow what his daddy got in his sack.
It's a good lesson for all of us. Give what you know someone likes. Give something that is "them", that they are interested in, that they can relate to, that shows thought was put into it.
Wishing you success in finding that special gift for that special person in your life, whether it's your grandson, your spouse, your daughter, your friend.

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