Saturday, November 07, 2009

Snowman and Winter T-shirts and Gifts

I have to admit that there's not a whole lot about snow and winter that I find cheery. I'm not into winter sports, yet I have lived in the U.P. of Michigan my entire life in an area that gets over 300 inches of the white stuff per season. I'm not a fan of cold, of shovelling, of driving on icy or snow covered roads. I do admit to finding a couple of things about winter cheery however. The first light dusting of snow is always beautiful. The twinkle of the snowflakes falling is somewhat magical, and then there's snowmen. I do admit to loving snowmen. Not only are they fun to build, they are full of personality. You can make a snowman happy, sad, mean, silly. You can make a snowman, snow lady, snow dog, or snow monster. It can have a carrot nose, a charcoal nose, or no nose at all. Button eyes? Top hat? Orange earmuffs? It's all up to you!
If you love snowmen you'll probably love the snowman, snowflake, and other winter and Christmas holiday T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, sweatshirts, and other items at Peacock Cards Christmas Shop!

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I love gio said...

Great t-shirts! Great to get into the season spirits with some cheery Christmas t-shirts. Nice work!