Thursday, November 05, 2009

Reading Rocks!

Do you read to your child? Does your child read to you?
There is ample research demonstrating that reading aloud to young children promotes their development of language and other emergent literacy skills (e.g., Adams, 1990; Sénéchal & Levre, 2002; Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998; Storch & Whitehurst, 2001) which in turn helps children getting ready for school (e.g., Ezell & Justice, 2005; Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998).
Studies show that children who are read to from an earlier age have better language development and tend to have better language scores later in life. And of course, reading with your child reinforces that reading is pleasurable as it's something you are doing together and enjoy. So help your child by reading to them from an early age and getting them to be interested in books, to spark their imagination, and to help them develop language, reading, and spelling skills that will last them a lifetime.
There are so many wonderful books for kids. Some of the books my grandson loved when he was around two to three years old were the Mercer Mayer books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and the Berenstain Bears. At four he loved all the Froggy books including Froggy Goes to School, where Froggy goes to school in his underwear but then realizes it's just a dream. Now that he's five, almost six, he loves the Magic Tree House books. Mom or dad reads him a few chapters each night before he drifts off to sleep, dreaming of the dragons, vikings, or knights that he just read about.
Teachers and schools promote reading in children by offering rewards such as pizza parties or trinkets. They know the importance of having a child enjoy reading. The real reward is in the benefits your child will reap throughout his life through reading.
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