Monday, November 16, 2009

Things Boys Like

My grandson who is five, almost six, loves pirates, knights, dragons, dinosaurs, cars, trucks, superheroes, and sports. He has several costumes that he enjoys dressing up in. I believe it sparks his imagination!
He came over one day not long ago, dressed as a pirate, sporting the treasure box he created. He had glued stones to it in the shape of skull and crossbones and added brown paper and black trim to it.

On Halloween he was a knight in shining armor, complete with sword and shield. Now that Halloween is over he continues to dress up on occasion as a knight or a pirate. He sails the ocean blue in his playroom, looking for buried treasure and slaying dragons. Oh the power of a child's imagination!

Here's some cute kids T-shirts, tote bags, shoes, and other items that the little knight, pirate, dragon slayer, super hero, or race car driver in your family is sure to love!

Castle Dragon shirt
Castle Dragon by stick_figures
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Boy Pirate Ahoy Matey mousepad
Boy Pirate Ahoy Matey by toddlersplace
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