Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back to School

Wow, I can hardly believe that in some areas of the country kids are already back in school! Where did summer go and how did it go so quickly? In the state of Michigan, where I live, school does not begin until after Labor Day, so for us there is still some vacation time left. I just wish the weather was cooperating a bit more to make it feel like summer instead of autumn! We've had a lot of cool days and intermittent rain, making for that feel of autumn.
Teachers are busy this time of year, perhaps the entire summer, readying their classroom for all the new students. I have been busy this summer as well, creating a lot of new designs, and many of those new designs include inspirational educational slogans and quotes, school classroom posters that are easy to customize for your classroom, and lots of other fun designs for teachers and students.
Check out some of our new classroom posters, teacher T-shirts, mugs, bags, cards, keepsakes, apparel, and school bags for students, teachers, professors, coaches, parents...anyone who values education!
Best wishes from Peacock Cards for a wonderful school year in every way. May it be productive, safe, and happy!

Reading Rocks Classroom Poster
Reading Rocks Classroom Poster by school_teacher
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