Thursday, August 22, 2013

Juan Pablo, ABC's The Bachelor's Newest Bachelor

OOooohhh Juan Pablo! Apparently he is VERY much loved by women who watch ABC's The Bachelor. Even before ABC announced who their next bachelor would be starting with the new episodes in January of 2014, I instinctively knew it was going to be Juan Pablo. On The Men Tell All, women were going crazy cheering for him and wearing Juan Pablo shirts. I was scanning the ABC The Bachelor forum and hands down it seemed everyone just loved Juan Pablo.

 So...who is Juan Pablo you ask? Juan Pablo Galavis is a former Venezuelan professional soccer player, single dad of Camilla, was eliminated by Desiree in Season 9, Episode 6, and will be the first Latino bachelor since The Bachelor premiered eleven years ago! He's totally handsome, has a lovable personality, very caring and loving toward his daughter, and has an accent that's near impossible not to be attracted to.

 Here is what The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison had to say about Juan Pablo:
 "In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time than our soccer-playing single dad. He's the fan favorite we barely got to know!"
But now, The Bachelor fans will get to know this handsome new bachelor. Starting in January of 2014, Juan Pablo fans will be glued to their televisions on Monday nights watching to see if Juan Pablo finds love and his daughter finds a stepmom. Will the 32 year old single dad who aspires to find a wife with whom to form a family and a couple more kids find his true love? Watch The Bachelor starting January 2014 to find out!

And if you are one of those people who gets together with friends, who has Bachelor night parties, you'll love the new T-shirts, buttons, mugs, and other Juan Pablo items shown here! Some of the hot new Juan Pablo T-shirt designs include I Love Juan Pablo, Juan Pablo is My Prince, Juan Pablo's Future Wife, Team Juan Pablo, It's me Juan Pablo Dreams Of, Marry Me Juan Pablo, Juan Pablo Loves Me, and Number One Juan Pablo Fan!

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