Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Designs

I have recently added some new designs to our stores and thought I'd share them! I love creating designs that are fun, colorful, family oriented, sometimes a bit funny or inspirational, perhaps even motivational!  With school starting soon, now is a great time to shop for T-shirts, school tote and book bags, water bottles, hoodies, key chains, stickers for books, magnets for lockers, binders, posters and prints, and of course notebooks and memo pads. Whether your child is starting kindergarten or is a tween, or even a teacher, we have some great new designs and products!

Happy Doodles Heart Sticker Happy Doodles Heart Sticker by Peacock_Cards Check out other Doodles Stickers at
Dancing Cats Shirts
Dancing Cats Shirts by Peacock_Cards
Look at more Cats T-Shirts at zazzle
Silly Animals Shirt
Silly Animals Shirt by Peacock_Cards
Check out other Animals T-Shirts at
Education is Worth It Memo Note Pads
Education is Worth It Memo Note Pads by school_teacher
Look at more Education Notepads at zazzle

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