Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Grandkids

My grandkids are super! I had the pleasure of spending time with them last night, making paper valentines with construction paper, foam hearts, glittery hearts, heart stickers, doilies, glue, and ribbon. My grandson who I happen to think is a pretty super kid (see attached photo of a T-shirt I recently bought him to let him know that!) was tickled pink when I made a lilac valentine with little paper pinwheels and lots of glittery glue attached and gave it to him. He smiled hugely and said "Wow, thank you Grandma! That's really awesome!". Such a simple thing and it made him so happy. He busied himself painting cardboard valentine ornaments for his teachers and lots of paper and foam heart valentines. My granddaughter with the help of mommy made a beautiful butterfly valentine with heart wings and a pink body to attach them. Then we called for pizza and all had a pizza party together. I drove home later that evening after they were tucked into bed, thinking what super grandkids I have and how blessed I am.
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