Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July Weekend

4th of July was a wonderful! We had a backyard barbeque yesterday evening with some family members and later watched the fireworks from my backyard. We had the firepit burning and roasted hot dogs and made s'mores, plus feasted on chips and home made guacamole and salsa and other snacks. We hid balloons that contained coins in the backyard for the six kids that attended the party and they had a blast doing those little popits on the sidewalk in front of the house. By the time the fireworks were over we were all very tired but happy. It was a great night!
I went to the Marquette parade yesterday as my grandson and son in law were in the parade. I watched it with my daughter and granddaughter in the sun at temps reaching over 90 degrees. On Friday I went to a festival in downtown Ishpeming that had a lot of sidewalk vendors selling everything from carnival type toys, hand made crafts, wood carved items, beautiful framed photos, and lots of hot dogs, nachos, and cold water and pop. The kids enjoyed snow cones and ice cream bars and had a blast in the big bounce tent, blow up slide, and on the pony rides. They won some trinkets doing the fishing game and basketball game. Another nice time had by all.
Today was a quiet day, spending the morning cleaning up a bit after last nights backyard barbeque, then later took a ride to Munising and spent ample amount of time walking along the beach of Lake Superior on the way there. Once in Munising we found a little roadside park and found a spot high on a hill overlooking the water. I sat and read a book for about an hour, enjoying it immensely as I barely have time to read and it felt so wonderful to do so, there in the semi-shade with the view of lake superior, the water a green/blue today, the air so fresh, and no bugs biting me. And although I can hear the distant popping of fireworks in neighboring cities, I chose to forego fireworks tonight and get an early rest so I can wake up refreshed and get some work done tomorrow.
All in all it was a nice 4th of July holiday, the best part spending time with family and friends. Here's a few photos of my 4th of July weekend. He loved the festival and truly enjoyed the ponies!

It was a very hot day for a parade with temps reaching well into the 90s!

After the parade, she cooled off by spraying herself with water and loving every moment of it. So many smiles and giggles as she sent the soft spray of cool water into her face.

All dressed up in patriotic red, white, and blue to be in the parade!

One of my favorite evenings this weekend was spent watching the sunset at black rocks in Marquette at Presque Isle. It's so beautiful there on a warm, calm, summer night.

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