Monday, July 05, 2010

Baseball, the All American Sport

If you love the sport of baseball you're in the company of thousands upon thousands of other baseball fans across the country and the world. Whether you are in a packed stadium watching professionals, listening to a game on your radio while sitting on the back porch, coaching your child in little league, or watching your grandson or granddaughter participating in their first year of tball if you love the sport, you're probably smiling.
My grandson played his second year of tball this summer and I can say without being a boasting grandparent that he is truly quite the batter! It amazes me when he steps up to bat and hits the ball from the batting machine on his first swing. It amazes me how hard he can hit the ball, and it amazes me how he's grown since I played baseball with him on the front lawn when he was two and three years old. Now at six years old, he loves baseball, soccer, and hockey. He loves to golf and loves to ski. He loves to ride his bike and is training for the kids Triathlon.
You can see some photos of him playing baseball and one of his biggest cheerleaders, his little sister. And if you continue to scroll down you can see some of the baseball items I have recently added to our Toddler's Place store and some of our baseball T-shirts, mugs, stickers, bags, and more from our Sport Shop.

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