Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Funny T-shirts

T-shirts are big business. I mean, who doesn't wear T-shirts? Most people that wear T-shirts love them for the comfort, the ease of just throwing it on without having to give much thought as to what to wear, for the price, the ease of washing, and yes, the big thing...the message it gives. People wear T-shirts advertising their company or other companies, their team, their family reunion, an upcoming event or to show support. T-shirts for holidays, for the birth of a new son or daughter, to convey that world peace or recycling is important to you. T-shirts can reveal your hobby whether it's playing poker, reading, gardening, or sky diving. T-shirts that reveal your profession, to let everyone know you are on your honeymoon, or are a bride to be, or that you're celebrating your 50th birthday! Perhaps the best selling T-shirts though are those that are just plain funny. The kind of T-shirt that people see and can't help but laugh or comment on. And I've scoured Zazzle to find some of the funniest T-shirts. Enjoy and laugh!

Funny Beer Gift shirt
Funny Beer Gift by CowPieCreek
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Jesus Loves You Joke shirt
Jesus Loves You Joke by cultclassicts
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Offensive fat joke shirt
Offensive fat joke by Cardsharkkid
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Love Animals Hate People T-shirt shirt
Love Animals Hate People T-shirt by Peacock_Cards
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