Monday, November 01, 2010

Kids Professions

Have you ever asked your child what she wants to be when she grows up? Perhaps your child walks around most days wearing a firefighter hat or plays school and pretends to be a teacher. Perhaps your child makes it well know he will be a mad scientist, a veterinarian, or a police officer. Or maybe your child has never even given it thought. Often times a child wants to be the same profession as Mom or Dad. If Daddy is a police officer, often times the child aspires to be a police officer as well. We can guide our children along the way, but ultimately their interest and passion will point them toward the career they will put their effort and time into. Whether they become a doctor, real estate agent, EMT, or mad scientist, they have plenty of time to think on it and change their mind.
At Peacock Cards we have T-shirts, keychains, buttons, tote bags, and other items related to kids professions. We also have designs for the kid who is proud of his firefighter Dad, nurse Mom, or even grandma or grandpa EMT! Check out our kids profession T-shirts and gifts!

Future Fireman shirt
Future Fireman by CowPieCreek
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