Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and Sweet Stuff!

Happy Halloween to one and all! Today all over the country, children will be going to door to door dressed up as little devils, skeletons, superheroes, princesses, and whatever else is popular for the time. They'll be collecting goodies as they chime out their "trick or treat" greeting with smiles on their faces, or perhaps will be too shy to say anything. Most children love Halloween because of the trick or treating factor, and given that almost all children love candy, that's not all that surprising! I have in recent years starting handing out candy that is only made in a peanut and nut free facility as my little grandson has a peanut allergy and I know there are other children in the area with one as well. It's really not that big a deal as there are, thankfully, many treats now that are made in peanut free facilities.
Because today is a day that centers so much around treats, candies, and sweet stuff in general, I have decided to devote today's product offerings to sweet stuff! Enjoy...oh, and don't forget to brush afterward!

Surrender Your Candy Pirate shirt
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