Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

I have promised for some time to upload some photos of my grandson's 7th Mad Scientist Birthday Party given by his mom, my daughter. His birthday was a few months ago and being it was mid winter here, it was indoors. Many of his schoolmates were invited as well as adults, the friends parents, and of course his own uncles and grandparents.

My daughter puts a lot of forethought and effort in planning parties, and the results show. Not only was there a lot of fun, very cool, and educational activities for the kids, there was also great party decorations, cute and yummy cakes, and great food.

Some of the really cool things about this party in my opinion was that she did several different very cool science experiments. With the help of several adults, the kids made green slime, a little tornado in a bottle, a mini lava lamp, and even made snow! These items were purchased from an online site, There were plenty of test tubes, petri dishes, as well as buckets of eyeballs, brains, monster fingernails, and other lab animals scattered throughout the two big rooms the party was held in.

One of the rooms was done almost entirely like a dungeon type lab complete with brick walls, tables full of scary brains and such, magnifying glasses, skulls, test tubes, rubber snakes and lab rats, and even a fog machine to give the room an even more eerie feel. The kids loved it!

Lab coats were handed out to each child as they arrived, and each child was also given a clear plastic name tag button to wear on his lab coat that had his name as Dr. Example Sample. The invites clearly stated to dress with "wacky hair" so most kids came with hair ratted up or with pink or blue hair. They fit right in with the mad scientist theme!

The tables were covered with bright green tablecloths, square silver paper plates, eyeball napkins, and cups for green juice that were clear with an eyeball glued inside each one! Each child was able to take home their cup, which they were really happy about. Jello jigglers were made in little petri dishes, individual bags of chips were handed out, pizzas were delivered, and there was plenty of fresh veggies and dip, cupcakes, ice cream, and cake to go around. My daughter decorated one of the cakes to look like a giant eyeball!

And when the party was over, each child took home a bag of treats that included swirly straws, stickers, candy treats, and more in a science theme paper bag.

What a hit this party was with the kids and adults alike. I have a feeling there's going to be more mad scientist theme birthday parties being held in the near future!


Rachel said...

What a cute party! My daughter has asked for a Mad Scientist party this year as well. But I'm having trouble finding the lab coats. Do you know where your daughter found them?

Michigal said...

Thanks for the nice comment regarding the party. My daughter said she got the lab coats from Costco but I'm not sure if they have them anymore or not. She had to buy 50 of them but they were only about 85 cents apiece she said. Also, she bought an adult medium and easily cut them shorter for the kids with scissors. Hope you can find them!

Anonymous said...

We got white lab coats at the Goodwill store. Since they were white I could just bleach them all and they were as clean as new. They cost only 3.75 each and the kids can take them all home. Plus you are helping a good cause!!
You can also use mens white dress shirts