Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoes and More Shoes!

Spring is a great time to think about fun, colorful, and comfy shoes. If you've ever worn Keds shoes, you know they are comfy and you know they are a quality shoe. What you might not know is that you can get Keds shoes in seven different styles and thousands of designs from Zazzle.
Zazzle custom shoes are retail quality Keds shoes constructed and printed with the greatest care and precision. Each shoe is hand-crafted with industry best standards and feature a unique printing technology to ensure you get a shoe with unparalleled printing brilliance that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. And that's important!

Check out some of the shoes we offer for kids. Whether they love sports, teddy bears, bugs, princess, or dragons, we've got them covered.
Kids Sock Monkey kedsshoeKid's Lucky Bug kedsshoeKid's I Love Basketball kedsshoeKid's Little Blond Princess kedsshoeTeddy Bear Love Keds Shoe kedsshoePanda Toddler Keds kedsshoeWestern Dog Toddler Keds kedsshoeToddler Keds kedsshoeRed Bandana Kids Shoes kedsshoeKid's Pink Butterfly kedsshoeMonkey Art Keds Shoe kedsshoeTeddy Bear Hearts Keds Shoe kedsshoeFloral Keds Shoe kedsshoeFishing Keds Shoe kedsshoePrimary Colors Keds Kids Sneaker kedsshoeMonkey Music Keds Shoe kedsshoeRainbow Keds Shoe kedsshoeKid's Customized Baseball kedsshoeLittle Slugger Keds Shoe kedsshoeKid's Pocket Full of Posies kedsshoeKid's Orange Snail Slip On kedsshoeKid's Yellow Checks and Dots kedsshoeKid's Goldfish kedsshoeKid's Princess Crown kedsshoeKid's Green Dragon kedsshoeKid's Little Surfer Dude kedsshoeKid's All Aboard Train kedsshoeKid's Little Cowgirl kedsshoeKid's Stick Figure Cheerleader kedsshoeKid's Ahoy Matey Pirate kedsshoeJungle Safari Kid's Shoes kedsshoeKids Green Frog kedsshoe

And when it comes to shoes for adults, we have you covered there as well. Check out some of the women's Keds shoes in both slip on and lace up styles!

Women's Sunflower Ladybug kedsshoeWomen's Blue Lotsa Dotz Lace Up kedsshoeWomen's Yellow and Pink Flower kedsshoeWomen's Pink Love Hearts kedsshoeWomen's Stick Figure I Run kedsshoeWomen's Stick Figure Tennis kedsshoeWomen's Green and Black Hearts kedsshoeKid's Stick Figure Cheerleader kedsshoeWomen's Orange Poodle Dog kedsshoeWomen's Poker kedsshoeFall Flowers Keds Canvas Shoe kedsshoeWomen's Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon kedsshoeWomen's Color Splotches kedsshoeKeds Women's Champion Slip On kedsshoePink Hearts Pro Keds High Tops kedsshoeRustic Stripes Keds Shoes kedsshoeKeds Red Bandana Women's Shoes kedsshoeHer Pink Heart PRO-Keds Hi Top Sneakers kedsshoePink Brown Plaid Mini Slip On Keds Shoes kedsshoeBaby Blues Keds Shoe kedsshoeDaisy Blue Keds Shoes kedsshoeStarfish Keds Shoes kedsshoeBrown Plaid Keds Shoes kedsshoeBasketball Womens Keds Champion Sneakers kedsshoePastel Plaid PRO-Keds Sneakers kedsshoeWomen's Red, Green, Tan kedsshoeWomen's Expectant Mother kedsshoeWomen's Panda Bear kedsshoeWomen's Teal and Black Lace Up kedsshoeWomen's Yes I'm a Teacher kedsshoeWomen's Daisy Lace Up kedsshoeWomen's Mod Pink Poodle Lace Up kedsshoeWomen's Groovy Chick kedsshoeWomen's 50s Rock and Roll kedsshoeWomen's Cowgirl Yee Haw kedsshoe
And for the guys we also have some awesome Keds shoes in both high tops and low top designs.

Urban Skull Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeGraffiti Biking Pro-Keds Men's Shoes kedsshoeSurfing Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeUrban Hip Hop Culture Pro-Keds Shoes kedsshoeExtreme Sports Pro-Keds Royal Hi Shoes kedsshoeExtreme Sports Graffiti Pro-Keds Mens' Shoes kedsshoeSave the Planet Graffiti Pro-Keds Mens Shoes kedsshoeEnvironmental Preservation Pro-Keds Men's Shoes kedsshoeBust Out Skateboard Pro-Keds Royal Hi Shoes kedsshoeGraffiti Basketball Pro-Keds Royal Hi Shoes kedsshoeAmerican Flag Men's Keds Shoes kedsshoeSkull Pro-Keds Royal Hi Shoes kedsshoeSkateboarder Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeSoccer Zone Pro-Keds Royal Lo shoes kedsshoeMotocross Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeJust Jump Bungee Jumping Pro-Keds Shoes kedsshoeSurfing Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeBritish Flag Canvas Keds Shoes kedsshoeUltimate Snowboarding Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeSk8 Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeX-treme Sports Pro-Keds Royal Lo Shoes kedsshoeBrown Grunge PRO-Keds Hi Top Sneakers kedsshoeRacing Collage Pro Keds Mens High Tops kedsshoeSkull Battles PRO-Keds Hi Top Sneakers kedsshoeRace Day  PRO-Keds Basketball Shoes kedsshoeGambling PRO-Keds Men's Sneakers kedsshoeCyborg PRO-Keds Men's Sneakers kedsshoePro Keds Basketball Shoes kedsshoeBlack Flames Men's Pro Keds Low Tops kedsshoeFootball Pro Keds Low Tops kedsshoe

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