Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring and our earth

I do believe it is spring! I spent most of my day outside yesterday and I have to admit I felt so wonderful to be out there in the sunshine and fresh air raking the yard, working in my flower beds, and washing some of the windows on my house. I didn't plan to, but you know how it is...I started out thinking I would just put up a couple of the screens so of course I had to wash the windows and screens first, then upon doing that noticed my flower beds had a lot of oak leaves from last fall so I began to throw those into a bucket and the next thing I knew, it was about three hours later and my back was hurting from all the bending and my yard was looking amazing! Spring! Fresh air. Sunshine. Robins. A cool breeze reminding us that winter is just leaving us. The sound of birds chirping and the chatter of squirrels as they scurry about. Tender green tendrils popping up through the soil. Rebirth of the earth! Spring reminds me always of the wonder of life, the miracle of it all. It makes me realize how precious our earth is, and how I should do more to help preserve it, to do my part to make sure it is here for generations to come. Earth Day this year is April 22nd. At Peacock Cards we have many designs on various products to help spread the message to keep our earth safe. To recycle. To reuse. To hold our earth dear and precious. We have numerous canvas tote bags in various styles and sizes that are great for grocery shopping, for use as gym bags and book bags, for taking to the beach, as overnight bags or day trip bags. I have also found that the tote bags are stronger and can fit a lot more groceries than the traditional paper bags. Not sure how you feel about it, but one of my pet peeves is carrying in a paper bag of groceries and having the handles break off or the bag itself rip along the side and the contents spilling out onto my driveway. I don't have that problem with the canvas bags! And I am, at the same time, helping the environment by not coming home with paper bags that I have no use for once home. Marking its 41st anniversary on Friday, April 22, 2011 Earth Day will be celebrated by millions around the world. Take a look at our various Earth Day and environmental awareness T-shirts, buttons, tote bags, and other items and do your part, whether big or small, in helping to preserve our beautiful planet. We only have one earth. Please help to keep it beautiful and clean.
Reuse and Recycle shirt
Reuse and Recycle by peace_environment
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Friend of the Earth shirt
Friend of the Earth by peace_environment
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