Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm Life

Kids seem to love farms. What's not to love about them? Unless you live on a farm or know someone who does, most children don't get to ride a horse, feed a goat, see a pig unless they are at the petting zoo. I remember as a child going to my parent's friends farm and how much fun it was to help milk the cows, gather eggs, and play in the haybarn. They are experiences that have stayed with me my entire life. There's nothing like the fresh air (and occasional whiff of cow manure!), the feeling of accomplishment from doing chores that you know is helping the animals, and just watching the animals.
At Peacock Cards we have a lot of animal and farm animal T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, mugs, and other farm animal clothing and gifts. We also have farm theme birthday T-shirts and bodysuits, as well as cow birthday T-shirts, pig birthday T-shirts, and more which are age specific from baby's first birthday through 5th birthday. If your child loves farms, cows, horses, pigs, or other farm animals or if he loves tractors, we have many designs from which to choose on farm T-shirts and more!

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Farm First Birthday by kids_birthdays
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