Friday, November 15, 2013

Dog Cards and Postcards

I have seen so many beautiful dog postcards and cards lately, not just holiday cards, but every day cards with dogs, that I decided to showcase some of my favorites today.  There are so many talented artists at Zazzle and some of these dog postcards and greeting cards will make you ooohh and aaaaahh as they did me. If you want to see over 1,200 dog apparel and gift items just check out my Pinterest Dog Lover Gifts board where you can find not only the cards but lots of other items including dog breed specific T-shirts, hats, and hoodies, dog mugs, ornaments, tote bags, key chains, and other items as well as rescue dog and dog adoption designs and some gorgeous dog posters!
Here are some of my favorite dog design postcards and cards starting with a German Shepherd dog pencil drawing postcard!

German Shepherd Dog Post Card
German Shepherd Dog Post Card by Felidae52
View Dog Postcards online at zazzle
Two Collies above a Lake by Wright Barker Postcard
Two Collies above a Lake by Wright Barker Postcard by riverme
Look at more Next to you is my favorite place to be Postcards at zazzle

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