Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We have snow! That exclamation point might make one think I am happy about it, but in reality I am not. Living in the upper peninsula of Michigan my entire life, I know well enough that this snow will be staying very soon right until the end of April, and that is a long winter and a lot of snow! We got some snow last week and it actually just about melted in time to get more. Today there is more than last week though, and even though I don't like the long winters with too much snow and very little sun, I can appreciate that for today it is quite pretty.
I am sure there are children, my granddaughter in fact, who will come home from school today and build a snowman on their front lawn. A snowman with a carrot nose perhaps, and button or charcoal eyes and buttons. Perhaps a branch or twig as arms, an old scarf, or a winter hat that nobody uses anymore. I used to love building snowmen when I was a kid and it seems that it is still a winter favorite with kids. Of course, the snow has to be a wet, sticky snow. The fluffy snow is just impossible to roll into balls for the snowman's body and head. A well built snowman can last for months if brushed off and tidied up on occasion, and as long as it stays cool enough to prevent melting. And before we know it, it is spring and all that is left is the buttons, charcoal, scarf, twigs, and hat. (in this scenario a deer ran off with the carrot nose!).
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