Friday, November 08, 2013

Kids Posters

When shopping with my grandchildren I have noticed how they seem to be drawn to posters. I can understand that as kids love bright colors and prints, things they can relate to whether it's a Ninja Turtle which my granddaughter loves or something sports related that my grandson likes. Babies also seem drawn to colors once their vision becomes more pronounced and it is literally the world opening up to them and their sense of sight to see a big, colorful poster. So with kids and babies in mind I have created some new posters that I think will be to their liking and look great in their bedroom, the nursery, the playroom, or recreation room! I am just getting started on creating posters and hope to add many more to my stores over the coming year. I hope you and your child will find something to brighten and cheer them as they lie on their bed, first walk into their bedroom, or for baby to gaze at as she wakes from a restful night of sleep.
I have also uploaded some of the designs to the beautiful wrapped canvas. Here's a sampling of some of the recently added posters and wrapped canvas I have added to my stores!
Be sure to check out the money saving coupon codes link on the right to find out if you can get them on sale as the canvas  especially is on sale often and it's a great way to save big!

Blue and Navy Whale Nursery Poster
Blue and Navy Whale Nursery Poster by new_baby
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Noah's Ark Baby Nursery Poster
Noah's Ark Baby Nursery Poster by new_baby
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Mermaid Party Print
Mermaid Party Print by toddlersplace
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Owl I'm a Hoot Print
Owl I'm a Hoot Print by toddlersplace
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