Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santa's Goodies Plates

I loved, as a child, to leave the treats for Santa Claus and the reindeer on Christmas eve. Along with my sisters and my brother we would decide what we should leave for Santa. Of course, we all decided on something different and being there were seven of us, I believe Santa got more than enough treats at our house! Whether it was colorful decorated sugar cookies in the shape of stars and trees, thumbprint cookies, chocolate cookies with white lace design, gumdrop bread, cranberry nut bread, banana bread, prune tarts, or mom's special pavitica...arranging them on a plate for Santa was such an exciting time because we knew that in the morning all that would be left is a few crumbs on the plate, a small bit of white hair from Santa's beard on the rim of the soda bottle, and a lot of presents beneath the tree!
Zazzle has some beautiful and oh so cute plates designed especially for Santa and his reindeer!  These beautiful plates are dishwasher safe and non-toxic, 10" in diameter, drop and break resistant, and have vibrant full color printing. They are not microwave safe. They come, as always, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee from Zazzle!
Check out some of my favorite plates designed especially with Santa and his reindeer in mind!

Santa's Cookies Christmas Treat Plate
Santa's Cookies Christmas Treat Plate by paper_robot
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Santa Claus and Cookies Dinner Plates
Santa Claus and Cookies Dinner Plates by partymonster
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Holiday Treats Gift Plate
Holiday Treats Gift Plate by Siberianmom
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Cute Retro Santa Dinner Plate
Cute Retro Santa Dinner Plate by golden_oldies
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santa and rudolph cookie plate
santa and rudolph cookie plate by 39designs
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Cookies for Santa Plate
Cookies for Santa Plate by pmcustomgifts
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Dear Santa Plate
Dear Santa Plate by DancetheNightAway
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