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100th Day of School T-shirts and Stuff

The 100th day of school is great fun for elementary children and teachers alike. Normally falling about the middle of February, the celebration begins on the actual 100th day of school. This day will be different for each school depending on how the teacher wishes to celebrate it. Some teachers put a lot of effort into making the 100th day of school a memorable, educational, and enjoyable experience while others may have the day go by without remebrance at all. If it's important to you that your child celebrate 100th day, you can celebrate it at home as well by doing activities pertaining to the number 100!
So far as teachers and school goes, there are plenty of activities surrounding the 100th day of school. Children can bring in small collections of 100 objects to share with the class. Students can practice counting, sorting and classifying the objects. Math skills are reinforced - learning how to count to 100 - by ones, by twos, by fives, and by tens.
Here's some 100th day activities you can do with your child at home, shared by

List 100 ways you can say 'I love you' to your dear ones...Students at our school are doing activities for "100th day."Here are some ideas for our Math keypals to try:
1. What can you do in 100 seconds? Time yourself and let usknow. e.g. How many times can you jump rope in 100 seconds?
2. What 100 objects could you fit in a 5 oz. cup? 100 beans? peanuts?
3. How tall is a stack of 100 pennies? 100 nickles? The coin of your choice?
4. Make number sentences that equal 100. e.g. 5 X 20 = 100 (3 X 33) + 1 = 100 (300/6) X 2 = 100
5. Where would a 100 step walk take your from your house? From your classroom? From your bedroom?
6. Find some people whose ages total exactly 100. e.g.
Mom is 32 Dad is 35 sister is 9 brother is 3 friend is 11 cousin is 10 --------------- total 100
7. Toss a coin 100 times and graph the results... head andtails.
8. List what $100 will buy. Get as close to $100 as youcan. Include the tax if there is any.
9. Create word problems where the answer is 100.
e.g. Johnathan and Natalie walk 7 blocks to school every dayand 7 blocks back home. They go to school 5 days of theweek. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they walk home,eat a snack and then walk to the park to play. The park is 5blocks from home. They walk home again in time for dinner.How many blocks do they walk each week?

If looking for a good book to read with the class on 100th day, try 100 Hungry Ants, available at, great for ages 4-8. Here's a review by one mom who bought the book!

My kindergartener and I were talking about money, one day, and he volunteered that he'd learned that ten dimes make a dollar when his kindergarten teacher read "One Hundred Hungry Ants". This book has no discussion of money, but it teaches that 100 equals 2 times 50, 4 times 25, 5 times 20, and 10 times 10, just the right lesson for him at that time. The rhythm of the rhyming works pretty well, and the pictures are very clever, adding a lot of enjoyment to the story. This one is worth reading again and again, if that's the kind of child you have.

Celebrating 100th Day can be such fun, and children will learn important math skills and other educational skills while enjoying the festivities of the day. At Zazzle and Peacock Cards you can find many colorful, fun 100th Day designs on 100th Day T-shirts, tote bags, buttons, and other items! Check them out!

100 Days of School Confetti sticker
100 Days of School Confetti by school_teacher
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