Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

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If you've ever spent time with a dog, ever had a dog as a pet, have a dog now that's your baby, a member of the probably have a funny dog story. My daughter and her family have a dog named Naboo who is I guess about 10 years old now. Naboo is a big dog, about 90 pounds, part German Shepherd and part....great dane? yellow lab? We really are not sure, but suffice to say he looks almost exactly like the dog in the movie Marley. In fact, that movie made me cry so uncontrollably because it looked way too much like Naboo, well, that and the fact it was just a really sad movie once the beloved pup died. Anyway...back to funny dog stories.
Naboo, from the time he was a very small pup, loved table food. He eats mostly dog food these days but having two kids in the house, there's always a tidbit to be found, a crust of a sandwich, a leftover fry or two. This dog never gets full. Naboo is a food thief. And as he gets older and pretty sure of himself in that he won't really get into any deep trouble for stealing food from the table, the counter, a picnic basket...he has gotten more bold about it. This dog reminds me of Marley in so many ways it's really rather uncanny.
The first sign of him being a food thief was soon after he came to live with my daughter. She was baking cupcakes for her class (I believe she was student teaching at the time) and left 24 cupcakes on the counter in the kitchen to cool before frosting them. She left the room for about five minutes and upon her return, every cupcake was missing. Naboo had eaten all 24 cupcakes, papers and all! Bad dog! Happy bad dog! Full and happy bad dog!
That wasn't the only time, just the first time. Throughout the years he's done his share of sassy things including ripping apart my big snowman that I sewed lovlingly by hand and has gotten into the garbage so many times eating things that are not fit even for a dog to eat. But stealing food has always been his calling and he's become quite good at it. You can almost forget he's even in the room, lying so comfortably on the kitchen rug out of sight, out of mind. You leave for just a minute or two and come back..and lo and behold...the entire chicken is gone off the platter. Not a piece of fat or grease spot remains. I have no idea how he survived that one! He has made small children cry because he's stolen their ice cream cone from their hand, and just recently he literally ate the sleeve off a discarded shirt because he could taste the salsa from a local restaurant that had spilled on it earlier.
Although I find the tales of Naboo entertaining, I'm sure for my daughter and her family they are not always so funny, or at least not at the time!
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