Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider Time

Ahhh autumn. Seeing all the jack-o-lanterns everywhere I turn makes me think of pumpkn pie. I love pumpkin pie, but usually only have it once a year, at Thanksgiving. I am craving it so much though I may not be able to wait until Thanksgiving to have a slice! Autumn brings with it the promise of cold weather and wet intermittent snowflakes, colored leaves on a bright, sun filled day turning withered and dry as they fall, leaving branches bare. But autumn also brings Halloween and Thanksgiving, the taste of apple cider and pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and stuffing. It brings a solemn slow down of life as you settle in for the winter. You might find yourself shopping for books to read during the winter months, unpacking your winter scarves and boots, getting your snowblower ready for what's to come. With a nip in the air that leaves your nose cold to the touch, winter closes in day by day. The sights and smells of autumn only a remembrance until it finds us again next year. For now, I think I'll enjoy the pumpkin pie! If you love pumpkin pie too, check out these pumpkin pie T-shirts, cards, magnets, and other items!
Warm Pumpkin Pie card
Warm Pumpkin Pie by ellybean
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Pumpkin Pie shirt
Pumpkin Pie by totallypainted
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More Pie! Mug mug
More Pie! Mug by SBeise
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Pumpkins card
Pumpkins by cfkaatje
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