Sunday, October 03, 2010

Five FREE Holiday Cards!

It's been so cold here lately, lots of rain, the leaves falling even before the color season is in full swing. The acorns are plentiful so the squirrels should have plenty to eat for the winter. I watch as they scurry about gathering their winter supply. The weather reminds me that snow will be falling again soon, and with it comes the flu season, shovelling, icy roads...but also fresh, cold air without pollen (yes, my allergies were bad this year!), twinkling snowflakes, and yes, oh yes, Christmas!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love to see the bright colors and twinkling lights everywhere as people adorn their homes and stores bring out all the new wreaths, lights, and holiday cards. I love most of all, the good will that is evident during the holiday season, and I can only hope every year that the obvious love and generosity seen during Christmas extends far past into the year ahead.

Speaking of generous...Zazzle is giving away five FREE sample holiday cards! There are some beauties to choose from. You can add your family or pet photos to some of them, add your own text inside the cards, or choose a card that is totally ready to send to someone you want to extend best holiday wishes to. You might love them so much you come back for more! To get your five FREE holiday cards from, simply use code HOLIDAYCARDZ at checkout to activate your discount.

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