Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Auntie Me!

Today I had the pleasure of getting to know my little great niece and nephew better. The babies are just 7 months old and full of smiles and giggles. It's interesting to watch two babies the same age as one another and how they interact. They really don't seem that interested in each other for the most part, but I did notice the baby girl was all smiles until she heard her brother start to cry from another room and she began to cry too. I believe she was upset that he was upset. I noticed that she is more free in general with the smiles and when she smiles they are big wide mouth open smiles, holding nothing back. He on the other hand smiles a bit less freely and when he does, it's a smaller, more reserved kind of smile. And as young as they are, they want what the other one has! If she has the Pooh rattle, he wants it. If he has the ball, she wants it. I guess it works quite well that they want what each other has!
Tomorrow they will drive back home again and it will probably be a number of weeks before I see them again. I'm sure the next time I see them they'll have perfected their rolling over and grasping toys, probably even have another tooth or two. I'm lucky to have spent this time with them and look forward to them visiting auntie again!

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